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In 2013, Sassy Jones jump-started her brand with 3 main things: her relentless desire to make a difference, her minivan, and her dining room. After much fear, she gathered sufficient money and confidence to showcase her outcomes at a local trade show. 

Three years later, many customers all over the globe shop at Sassy Jones virtually and in-store and also tune in weekly on all Wednesday nights to interact with them live on their Facebook page. Sassy Jones’ aims to help women feel undeniably confident regarding themselves and shine their glare brightly wherever they go. Nothing or no one can stop you besides you.

Charis Jones — the CEO and Chief Designer of Sassy Jones, the fastest-growing privately held retailer in the nation (Inc 5000). A self-learned designer with a stealth blend of grit and glamor, she leads courageous women across the planet to celebrate their brilliance and separate from the norms.

Under her supervision and vision, her brand has shaken the business and fashion market, reaching the 24th spot on the Inc. 5000 list and being named by Forbes as CEO of the top 25 small enterprises that flourished during the pandemic.

About four months after producing twin boys, Charis Jones took the road at large to submit Sassy Jones to the world with inventory in the trunk and a dream of helping females feel undeniably secure through style. This van has trekked over 30,000 miles in 15 months to spread the news of Sassy Jones across America.

But after that, she encountered a “block” because the trade show business model wasn’t viable. Her exhausted body was giving out from the sleepless nights of being a new mother of two children while still travelling. She still has no idea how she made it through those years, but hunger kept her going.

However, something had to give, and it seemed the most sensible and reasonable choice to take a solid day job. After all, she had used all of the household funds to launch this brand.

She was determined to give the online business a swirl; she had heard so much about it! So, she set up her trade show exhibit in her kitchen after she put her twins down to bed nightly and live streamed on social media to display her jewelry; she called it the ‘Sparkle Party®.’ And that was the beginning of the throttle of this exceptional brand. 

Since then, Sassy Jones has risen to 3 warehouses operating over 40 full-time team associates and has accumulated countless nationwide recognitions. From landing #24 on the prestigious INC 5000 list to being quoted by Forbes as a top trademark that flourished during the pandemic, we still hold our customer-centric significance at the forefront of our astonishing growth. 

They are teaching women to be fearlessly unapologetic with their style choices and offering the solutions to live that audacious and colorful lifestyle that keeps our clients undeniably confident.

As a company, Sassy Jones has dynamically shifted the perception of the lifestyle of many women by giving them an outlet to creatively and unapologetically express themselves.

By Rehan

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