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Getting shit done while stuck at home isn’t a competition, but if it were, Emma Chamberlain would be winning.

One of the country’s most recognizable YouTubers, Chamberlain has spent the last few months launching an IGTV series in which she styles teachers and scientists, expanding her coffee company, and becoming one of the newest faces of Off-White — along with continuing to create new content weekly for her nearly 10 million YouTube subscribers.

If you’ve never seen Chamberlain’s videos, here’s a brief synopsis of what you can expect: a fast-talking whirlwind of everyday errands, adventures, and wonderings. Take whatever weird thought that’s popped into your head, or whatever never-gonna-happen dream you’ve had, and she’s probably said (and lived) it out loud. With no filters.

The selection ranges from “LIVING IN MY CLOSET FOR 24 HOURS” to “PARIS FASHION WEEK (again)” and the lines between cheeky internet personality and enviable fashion figure are often blurred in a way that we, as style spectators, don’t normally see. The same girl that burps, curses, and cries online is also a Louis Vuitton ambassador IRL. This blend of aspirational relatability might be why she’s amassed such a huge following (she has 22.5 million followers combined on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter) and why, when it comes to the latest trends, we can often look to her for partial credit.

“Coffee and clothes pretty much take up 90 percent of my brain to be honest,” she said during a call this week. “Ever since I got the opportunity to go to fashion shows for Fashion Week … It’s changed the way I look at styling as more of an art thing.”

But even art can be casual, especially for Chamberlain.

“I think that a lot of people associate a dope outfit with discomfort, and I totally disagree,” she said. “I’m not going to wear something unless I’m going to feel comfortable in it all day. That’s why I don’t wear heels. It rarely ever happens because I don’t feel comfortable in those.”


Taking aesthetic inspo from cult-classic filmmaker Wes Anderson and cult-classic film Napoleon Dynamite, her style combines nerd staples — sweater vests and grandma sweaters — with grunge essentials like Doc Martens, according to Chamberlain.

“I have so much fun making comfortable and wearable fashion outfits, and I think that’s actually the trend anyway,” she said. “What’s in is comfortable, but fashionable things.”

What’s also in, especially while cooped up at home, are the occasional impulse buys, which Chamberlain is certainly not immune to. In between taste-testing her brand’s new coffee blends and continuing her various high-end brand partnerships, she’s bought a few random items that most of us can say we’ve strangely considered while browsing “As Seen on TV” aisles at the grocery store.

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Check out everything she’s bought — and everything she recommends buying — below.

Chuck 70 High Top Converse


“They’re amazing,” Chamberlain said of the classic canvas sneakers that she recently bought in green. “Seriously, so good.”

Shop now: $85;, $51–$129;

Dash Egg Cooker


“One of the weirdest things I got was a hard boiled egg cooker. It cooks them to the perfect egg instantly. It actually ended up being more complicated, but I love the concept.”

Shop now: $20;

White Turtleneck


“I love to layer white turtlenecks with things like t-shirts over it for a cool look,” she explains. “You can put a sweater over it for a cool look. You can crop it if you want. It would look super chic.” We like this soft, ribbed option from Free People.

Shop now: $30;

Platform Doc Marten Boots


If you follow Chamberlain on Instagram, you won’t be shocked to discover that Doc Martens have her high praise. “You can not go wrong with these,” she said. “They’re so versatile but they also have this cool edge to them.”

Shop now: $180;, $180–$237;

Breville Espresso Machine


“I just like the process of making espresso because I feel like I’m a barista and that’s like my life-long dream,” Chamberlain said. “It’s so cool to whip up a latte. I mean, talk about getting wifed up. If you can make a good latte, you’re set for life.”

Shop now: $692;

Vintage-looking Levis


“Finding the perfect pair is key,” Chamberlain advised. “Blue jeans, you can’t go wrong.”

Shop now: $98;

White Ribbed Tank


“I wear these literally every day and everyone makes fun of me because they’re like, ‘Emma you go shopping so much and you wear the same white tank top every day,’” she said. “During the summer I loved wearing a white tank top that has a higher neck and is ribbed. Done. To me, that with any pair of pants, it’s over. Boom. They’re the best creation, I swear.”

Shop now: $29;

The Ideal Planner


“It’s so funny because I need my planner right now more than ever,” she admitted. “I don’t like to be scrambling around, I like to be checklists, I get everything done so much quicker. It’s just like muscle memory.”

Shop now: $18;

Chamberlain Coffee


“My coffee roasting team is amazing and they just nailed it,” Chamberlain said of the four new flavors — including light, medium, and dark roasts — now available from her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. “Now that I have whole beans and so many different flavors of whole beans, that’s something I’ve wanted since day one, cause I know it’s so versatile so you can do anything with them.”

Shop now: $20;