Handmade artisan jewelry is increasingly used by brands of jewelry, costume jewelry or fashion accessories and it is that they provide a unique design with an incredible quality. It is an activity that dates back to ancient times. Since the man discovered elements that enhanced his presence, he was inclined to carry in his body elements that would distinguish him and make him notice his power.

As an ornamental element, he used stones and metals to decorate himself, he used bones, fangs or tendons, until he managed to shape the stones and later with his own discoveries, step by step, he also managed to master metal. Today we have decided to share with you a little more about this growing branch of jewelry. Join us.

What Is Handmade Artisan Jewelry?

Handmade artisan jewelry is one that is made by an artist without the use of a manufacturing machine. The pieces that are produced under this type of jewelry are variants and can range from simple earrings or bracelets, to pieces that take days and specialized techniques to have it ready.

Regardless of the pieces that are produced, artisan jewelry is about an artist creating pieces individually using their hands, in addition to basic tools. Nowadays, more and more customers are choosing artisan jewelry rather than industrial or produced jewelry.

Exclusivity In Design

One of the main qualities of artisan jewelry pieces is that they offer unique pieces, each piece, even if it is the same design, was created in a unique moment.

Types Of Handmade Jewelry

There are various types of handmade jewelry available, we will mention some of the best known, perhaps your jewelry brand can be identified in one of the categories.

Assembled Jewelry

This is usually the way that many jewelry, costume jewelry, or fashion accessory brands start their businesses. It is about hand-assembled jewelry.

The creation of the pieces and designs is made from other prefabricated pieces, such as chains, charms or similar materials.

Wire jewelry

This is a fairly popular artisan jewelry technique. The artists who create these types of pieces often bend the wire and create elaborate shapes or designs, usually to create earrings or charms with stones.


This type of handmade jewelry uses goldsmith techniques to generate different styles of jewelry. The most common are rings with precious stones, even pieces that are considered works of art.

The manufacture of this type of jewelry takes time and dedication and requires specialization in the techniques on the part of the artist who makes them.

Account work

Artists who create beaded pieces often use a single strand to create bangles, bracelets, or necklaces. This form of handmade jewelry allows the creativity of the artist to take flight, creating from the simplest to the most complex designs.

As we realized, the possibilities are endless when it comes to handcrafted jewelry, each piece is as unique as your business. Come join our program and learn much more about expanding your jewelry brand in just 3 months.