Using oysters to improve your skin, hair and dental health


Oyster-primarily based cosmetics. The notion may perhaps appear much-fetched, but this tasty mollusk is said to have a thousand and a single virtues for the skin, and even additional.

Wealthy in proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, the oyster is a great ally in the battle in opposition to sure symptoms of ageing and in enhancing the radiance and firmness of pores and skin. From the kitchen area to the bathroom, there is just one particular step.

Although the visual appeal and texture of oysters might set some of us off, for other individuals, its iodine style is a need to for celebrating specific times or a food by the sea. Nevertheless, we had no idea that it would a person day conclude up as an ingredient in the huge domain of cosmetics.

Although it is however considered an abnormal component in the attractiveness globe, significantly like broccoli or onions, the oyster has superpowers which could make it the new star of your natural beauty routine. 

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No stone is remaining unturned, in the perception that firms use absolutely each individual section of the oyster, from the flesh to the shell. Its attributes are diversified and various: anti-ageing, purifying, remineralising and cleaning. Hard to find any gray regions in this.

By by itself, the oyster can enjoy a part in a number of functions in your toilet, proving to be indispensable for skin, hair and even dental health. 

In powdered formulas

Natural cosmetics brand Perlucine is a single of the manufacturers that has been embracing the virtues of the oyster, far more exactly the shell of the white oyster.

Harvested by hand on the shorelines of Brittany, France, oyster shells are cautiously cleaned right before currently being produced into powder to enrich the formulation of various products, from facial cleaning powder to overall body scrubs, artisanal soaps, shampoo powder and even powdered toothpaste.

This seemingly unconventional range of products features lots of rewards for mattifying pores and skin, bringing volume and glow to hair, obtaining rid of lifeless pores and skin cells and imperfections, or even supplying a touch of radiance to the dullest of complexions. All this at an very affordable price tag, notably for a pure cosmetics line, authorized by Ecocert.

As an extract

Meanwhile, French brand Edulis has recently produced a selection of cosmetics formulated with the extracts of patented oyster oils encapsulated in clay, in order to just take gain of the mollusk’s one of a kind homes all day extensive.

Made at Cap Ferret, this revolutionary line is additional fascinated in the houses of the European flat oyster from the Arcachon Basin, identified as “Ostrea Edulis”.

“We have extracted organic lively features that are nourishing and stimulating, for a firmer, fresher experience and an instant tightening effect that is safe and sound for pores and skin,” clarifies the manufacturer. 

At this time Edulis has 3 cosmetics on give — a serum, a working day cream and a night time cream — combining all the gains of oyster extracts with those people of ulva lactuca seaweed from Brittany, desert date palm oil, kokum butter and frankincense resin, all all-natural substances.

It is a array that focusses on the richness of the Arcachon basin, all though presenting an option to iodine for people who want to experiment with — and — adopt the multitude of virtuous oyster attributes. 

A champion in the earth of upcycling 

Not material with only attracting interest in the cosmetics marketplace, oysters can also be transformed into a number of products in purchase to cut down waste — and to also acquire gain of its many positive aspects.

As a result of upcycling, they can be reworked into all-natural fertiliser and even descaling substance for all our house appliances. A tip that a lot of will adore. 


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