Top Ukrainian Fashion Designers You Will Love


How can we celebrate the innovation, originality and craftsmanship of the top Ukrainian fashion designers? These preeminent brands are carried in the world’s finest stores. Take a look at these fantastic designer fashions, accessories, shoes and handbags. You’ll want to start shopping.

Ukraine 3-22 horiz image use this w flag.JPG

Yellow fan clutch by sustainable designer Bevza. Magnificent hand embroidered bohemian heritage blouse by Vita Kin. Delicate, laser-cut floral dress by Paskal.

Ukraine 3-22 Paskal blue ruffle (2) cropped.JPG

Julie Paskal specializes in vibrant, joyful garments and innovative laser cutting technology. Her production facility is located in Kiev. This Ukrainian model is tiered in tulle.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal striped  coat (2) cropped.JPG

Stunning hooded coat awash in color by Paskal.

Ukraine 3-22 Paskal blk sheer dress (2) cropped.JPG

Paskal. Sheer tulle trimmed in flowers. A modern blend of sophistication and femininity.

Ukraine 3-22 Paskal hot pink (2) cropped.JPG

Laser cut florals and impeccable tailoring in this season’s hottest color; magenta. Paskal brand is carried by Browns London.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal lime and blk (2) cropped.JPG

Paskal. Contemporary, feminine, liberating.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal color coat (2) cropped.JPG

Breathtaking coat reminiscent of Georges Seurat and the Pointillism movement by Paskal.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal blue flower hoodie (3) cropped.JPG

A modern day babushka. Charming pale blue laser cut flower jacket with hood. Paskal.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal yellow (2) cropped.JPG

Paskal. From their Instagram account. Tulip hem dress in Ukrainian yellow.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal blue pink dress (2) cropped.JPG

Paskal. A brand that pushes the boundaries of one’s imagination.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal multi floral in jungle (2) cropped.JPG

What if fragile laser cut flowers could become tantalizing colorful soap bubbles and you could put them on and go to a party? Paskal.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal blk heart bra (2) cropped.JPG

If Bacchus was a girl she’d be wearing this ensemble. Paskal.

Ukraine 3-22 paskal big pink dress insta (2) cropped.JPG

A human bouquet of luscious magenta flowers. Is it any wonder this brand is so highly sought after by celebrities and fashionistas worldwide? Paskal.

Ukraine 3-22 sleeper blk pjs w feathers cropped.jpg

Feather trimmed pajamas that can work the room at any party. Sleeper.

Ukraine 3-22 Sleeper  wht dress cropped.jpg

Pretty posies. Dress by Sleeper. This brand was founded in 2014 by two former fashion editors, Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa,

Ukrainian 3-22 Sleeper pink pjs w feathers cropped.jpeg

Hollywood glamour. Feather trimmed pajamas by Sleeper; luxury loungewear that can go from the boudoir to the disco.


Ukraine 3-22 Sleeper blue swimsuit cropped.jpg

Ruffle shoulder ocean blue swimsuit. Sleeper.

Ukraine 3-22, Sleeper lilac dancing shoes cropped.jpg

Mille-feuille silk ballet flats in lilac. For dancing till dawn. Sleeper.

Ukraine 3-22 R. B. pink fedora (2) cropped.JPG

Handcrafted pink Fedora by Ruslan Baginskiy.

Ukraine 3-22 R.B. men's hat (2) cropped.JPG

Men’s straw hat with logo. Ruslan Baginskiy.

Ukraine 3-22 R.B. bucket hat (2) cropped.JPG

Must-have bucket hat. Ruslan Baginskiy.

Ukraine 3-22 R.B. straw hat (2) cropped.JPG

Hand woven straw hat with embroidered monogram. Designer Ruslan Baginskiy started out as a fashion stylist hand crafting couture headwear pieces for photo shoots. Now his masterful hats are worn by celebrities worldwide.

Ukraine 3-22 R.B. hat woven (2) cropped.JPG

Adorable Baker Boy cap. All hats by Ruslan Baginskiy can be purchased at luxury retailers worldwide.

Ukraine 3-22 Frolov red corset dress (2) cropped.JPG

Frolov. Extraordinary ensemble. Sexy, saucy, sensational.

Ukraine 3-22 frolov mens blue suit.JPG

Casual menswear by Frolov.

Ukraine 3-22 Frolov denim jkt eco leather fringe.JPG

Frolov. Eco friendly faux leather fringe poncho.

Ukraine 3-22 Frolov red wht scallop skirt (2) cropped.JPG

Frolov mixing it up.

Ukraine 3-22 Frolov corset pants red pink (2) cropped.JPG

Fantastic colorblock bodysuit. As you would guess, this “couture-to-wear” brand is a red carpet favorite, founded in 2015 by designer Ivan Frolov.

Ukraine 3-22 Frolov gold silver crystal pants (2) cropped.JPG

Frolov shimmering gold and silver crystal pants. You know you need these.

Ukraine 3-22 ksenia schnaider reworked fur denim.JPG

Reworking denim to become fun “fur.” Ksenia Schnaider has created a fashion art form. The brand is best known for their up-cycled and innovative denim pieces.

Ukraine 3-22 ksenia schnaider reworked grn blue jkt.JPG

Ksenia Schnaider

Ukraine 3-22 Ksenia Schnaider piece tunic top cropped.JPG

Ksenia Schnaider brand is the brainchild of Kyiv based husband and wife team, Ksenia and Anton Schnaider. Sustainability is at the forefront of their collections, with many pieces made of reworked and up-cycled items.

Ukraine 3-22 bevza kint dress 2 pc cropped.jpeg

Ukrainian knitwear designer Svitlana Bevza presented her fall 2022 collection on February 14th during New York Fashion Week, as tensions between Russia and Ukraine were mounting. A few days later, she flew back to Kyiv to be with her husband and two children. Here is her story.

Ukraine 3-22 Bevza backless dress (2) ccropped.JPG

Based in Kyiv since 2006, Bevza is known for their sophisticated knits and textured dresses constructed with sustainable materials such as recycled plastics.

Ukraine 3-22 bevza grn bamboo dress (2) cropped.JPG

Bevza. A modern Grecian silhouette.

Ukraine 3-22 bevza gold pants (2) cropped.JPG

Bevza. Minimalist styling.

Ukraine 3-22 Bevza blue skirt blk top (2) cropped.JPG

Bevza. High waited skirt over a trim bodysuit.

Ukraine 3-22 cher. mens orange shirt cropped.jpg

Chershnivska brilliant menswear.

Ukraine 3-22 cher. parachute dress pk cropped.jpg

Gown crafted from a reclaimed parachute. Chershnivska.

Ukraine 3-22 cher. hand woven jkt cropped.jpg

Fabulous handmade jacket. Chershnivska is comprised of a small group of craftsmen in the western city of Lviv. Each item is handmade by one of their skilled tailors.

Ukraine 3-22 cher. mens  cropped.jpg

Avant-garde men’s coat. Chershnivska.

Ukraine 3-22 cher. bold jkt cropped use this.jpg

Exceptional, swoon-worthy women’s jacket with contrasting hood. Note the detail at the collar. Chershnivska.

Ukraine 3-22 Vita Kin net-a-porter tunic.JPG

Traditional Ukrainian hand embroidery feels so Boho. Vita Kin.

Ukraine 3-22 vita kin wht red kaftan dress (2) cropped.JPG

Hand embroidered kaftan. Vita Kin.

Ukraine 3-22 Vita Kin ble slippers.JPG

Magnificent leather slippers, Vita Kin.

Ukraine 3-22 Vita Kin yellow dress insta.JPG

Perfect for the haute hippie. Vita Kin.

Ukraine 3-22 Vita Kin wht lace dress Insta.JPG

Gorgeous white lace and embroidery. Vita Kin.

Ukraine 3-22 Vita Kin wht 2pc embroid insta.JPG

The heritage style embroidered linen dresses are hand crafted in Kyiv. Vita Kin. Check out their Instagram account.

Ukraine 3-22 3 generations Kachorovska story cropped.jpg

The Kachorovska brand began in 1957. This is a luxury fashion house celebrating three generations. They offer exquisite apparel, shoes, handbags and accessories. Their high quality on-trend pieces are happily, very reasonably priced.

Ukraine 3-22 kach brwn bag cropped.jpg

Smart and stylish rich brown leather handbag by Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach blk dress cropped.jpg

Elegant black shift. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach kelly green coat cropped.jpg

Kelly green coat by Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach woven look booties cropped.jpg

Decadent, cozy booties. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach lime suded boots cropped.jpg

Key lime suede boots. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach hot pink jkt.jpg

Glowing hot pink suit by Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach Grey home pants cropped.jpg

Delicious loungewear. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach beige saddle bag cropped.jpg

Warm and toasty blend of camel and heather accessorized with a leather purse sporting two straps. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach pumpkin spice candle cropped.jpg

Yes, the Kachorovska brand also creates their own line of scented candles.

Ukraine 3-22 kach rhinestone bag cropped.jpg

Rhinestone party purse. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach brwn stretch ankle boots cropped.jpg

Hipster stretch ankle boots in burgundy. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach micro bags multi cropped.jpg

Tiny, bejeweled mini purses. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach blue gown red shoes cropped.jpg

Pale blue strapless gown with strappy red stilettos. Kachorovska.

Ukraine 3-22 kach red shoes cropped.jpg

What incredible, glorious shoes! Kachorovska.

These images are a tiny example of the amazingly talented Ukrainian fashion designers. How can we help? We can support them with our fashion dollars and pray for peace.


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