These are the products used for my Trinny London makeup glow-up

Not only did I get to meet Trinny Woodall on her recent trip to Australia and have her prescribe a skincare routine for me, below is a video of the products Trinny’s makeup artist John Corcoran used to to create my Trinny London makeup glow-up.

If you’ve landed on this post via a random Internet search, WELCOME. I’ve been a customer of Trinny London since 2018 and have written quite a few posts about the products I love and use on a regular basis. You can back track from this post.

Over the years, I’ve chosen and added to cart A LOT of Trinny London makeup products based on my Match2Me survey results and an online consultation (if you’re in Sydney and Melbourne you can now book an in-person appointment). 

At first I stuck to the letter of my Match2Me recommendations … and then I went a bit rogue, in particular with the foundation products. Just watch the look on Trinny’s face when she finds out what shade of BFF I’ve been buying. HAH

Ok, so now I’m back on track and behaving – well I will be once I get through my current stash of BFF and BFF De-Stress.

The reason I was going rogue and buying a darker shade was because I spray tan regularly (no Trinny wasn’t a fan of that!) and was trying to match that. I don’t tan my face but do need to build a makeup look that blends with my spray-tanned neck colour. 

What I learned in a few short minutes – from Trinny and Trinny London makeup artist John Corcoran was that by going darker with my base products, I was “flattening” my face instead of allowing it to glow.

They said for the glow of your natural skin to show through, it was important to stick to base products that tone with your natural skin colour and THEN build in a depth of colour using bronzer – in this case Golden Glow (Gaia). 

What I also found interesting and had not previously thought to try was the mixing of BFF De-Stress (a tinted serum) with BFF Rebalance (a serum-foundation). This could just be the combination I’ve been looking for to creates a fresh complexion while balancing shine and sticking to my face in a humid Queensland summer. Both of these products contain products that help the skin while at the same time building an even complexion.

More than anything, with makeup it’s an even complexion that will help you to look and feel fresh as your skin ages. And I’m never going pack to powder products for my everyday makeup looks – cream-based products are definitely the go on typically dry peri and menopausal skin. They also don’t “cake” in any lines and wrinkles.

Click below to watch through the full video of my Trinny London makeup glow up …

Trinny London makeup glow – products used

These are the products that create Styling You's Nikki Parkinson's Trinny London makeup glow-up, as prescribed by Trinny's makeup artist John Corcoron


BFF SPF 30 Cream – light medium

BFF Eye – Rhianna

BFF De-Stress – Binky mixed with BFF Rebalance – Alicia

Just A Touch – Amelia

Golden Glow – Gaia


Flush Blush – Schmoogie with a touch of The Right Light – Candlelight and finish with Sheer Shimmer – Dido


Eye2Eye – Vision

Eyetallics – Harmonia

Eye2Eye – Strength

Lash2Brow – Chestnut 


Miracle Blur

Lip Luxe – Eugenie with Lip Love – Sacha

Styling You's Nikki Parkinson meets Trinny London's Trinny Woodall

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