The Absolute Best Edge-Control Products for Baby Hairs

There are so many natural hair products on the market these days, and I understand that it can be hard to find the right products to suit your hair needs. However, if you are in the market for edge control gel, then I have a few recommendations that I would like to share that are my absolute favorite and discuss The Absolute Best Edge-Control Products for Baby Hairs

After browsing the web and YouTube for some of the best techniques for applying edge control, I have discovered new techniques to achieve smooth baby-like edges.

I used to struggle with edge control and thought you must refresh your edges twice a day to make them look fresh. Now, I have learned it only takes one application of edge control gel to achieve 24-hour results! Moreover, I am going to share them with you. Enjoy

What is edge control, and what are its benefits?

Edge control gels’ introduction started in the early 2000s and is a thicker version of bouncy gel, like what you would find in Let’s Jam. On the other hand, Let’s Jam styling gel came out in the early 90s. It was the go-to back then for classic buns and ponytails.

Now that this gel has been thickened and turned into an edge control gel, we can achieve styles requiring extra hold. Of course, an area that would need extra hold is the edges.

Like I said earlier in the post, I used to struggle with my edges. After watching many tutorials, I have found techniques that make my edges last all day with the help of some styling gel and a spray bottle. Some women even use aloe vera gel with edge control to keep them intact for long periods.

The main benefits of edge control are that it can keep your fly aways at bay. It also provides long lasting hold and can add luster and shine.

My Favorite Edge Control for Achieving Creating Sleek, Smooth Styles

The Absolute Best Edge-Control

Creme of Nature Edge Control

One of the absolute best edge-control products for baby hairs on the market has been the Creme of Nature Honey edge control. This edge control is infused with honey and smells excellent. A little also goes a long way. What I like about this product is that it is very thick, unlike other hair gels. These gels are usually thin and will not last a consistent hold. You also do not have to use much when you apply. The crème of nature honey edge control is also a part of the extensive honey line available for natural and relaxed hair. If you are looking for an affordable conditioner, I recently reviewed the crème of nature honey hair mask. I also rave about it and that my hair loves it.

You can also find the crème of nature honey line at an affordable price of $8 a bottle.

The Absolute Best Edge-Control

Mielle edge control

Next up, we have the Mielle Edge Control gel, with certified organic ingredients. After trying the mielle rice water daily moisturizer, I was put onto this product. So far, I have found that Mielle products are far superior to the average hair product. They have no mineral oils and parabens used in all of their products.

After finding no product build up from using the rice water daily moisturizer, I wanted to try more products from Mielle. I recently also bought the rice water clay mask from Mielle. I will review this product in a later blog post.

The Mielle Organics Pomegranate and honey edge control gel is excellent and is a product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good edge control gel. So far, I am on my second bottle, which lasted for a reasonable time ( 1 month).

This gel also runs for around $10 and smells terrific. The main thing I like about this gel is that it is very thick . It also holds up to its name by providing a strong hold because of its thickness. I also found that there were no flakes or product residue.

edge control

Edge Booster Gel

This is another excellent gel that I would recommend to anyone that wants the absolute best edge-control products for baby hairs. The edge booster gel has been around for a few years now. Tthe one thing I like about this gel is that has so many different scents and is primarily fruity scents. My favorite scents of this gel were the strawberry fragrance and blueberry. Unfortunately, I stopped using this gel because my local beauty supply ran out of this product for a whole year. They finally started carrying it again, so that I may buy another one soon.

However, the main thing I like about this gel is that it was pretty thick and was the first one I ever tried that was thick in consistency.

You can find this gel at your local beauty supply store or online. You can also view the many rave reviews about this product on YouTube or by searching on google.

eco edge control


ECO Styler Gel

Do not forget to add this with the absolute best edge-control products for baby hairs! If you want extra hold, add a small amount of eco-styler gel to your edges before applying an edge control gel. I learned this myself with the help of some YouTube videos; it was such a great tip. Other recommendations are spraying your edges with water before adding edge control to soften the edges. You can even use Aloe vera gel to the edges.

Nevertheless, my favorite would have to be applying the ECO styler gel to the edges before edge control because it gives a long-lasting hold than you were to only apply edge control gel. It is recommended for creating sleek, smooth styles when you have a healthy hold in mind.

My last and final tip is to cover the edges with a sating scarf and let the edges dry. I always do this at the end of styling my edges, and my edges never budge.


I hope you enjoyed my tips on edge control and sharing the absolute best edge-control products for baby hairs from Crème of nature. This gel is a very thick edge control that offers you the hold. Mielle organics edge control gel provides a healthy hold. It is similar but excellent if you need a change . last but not least, the edge  booster gel, which introduced me to the whole edge styling world and which your hair will love.

Do not forget to base your edges with a good foundation. Eco styler gel is recommended, and try not to apply too much but just enough to dampen and soften the edges and add nourishment to your hair. Then you are ready to apply the edge control. For a far superior hold than if you were not to apply the ECO styler gel. It provides smoothness for ponytails sculpting. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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