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So you have decided to take on the Muay Thai training sessions at a camp in Thailand, but obviously, you are there for a trip, and unaware of what sportswear you are going to need during your training sessions. So the first thing comes first, and that is to do some shopping before you adopt the lifestyle of health and fitness. There are different sportswear for men and women, and each one of them has their own benefits, even which includes weight loss, and giving a proper shape to your body.  

Sportswear for Men & Women from Suwitmuaythai  

As for men, there are Muay Thai shorts that are limited above the knee because Muay Thai technique requires a lot of maneuverability of the knee and thigh. Then there is the Sports tee, which is worn during the sessions, even there is also a choice where men can go topless as well. The reason for that is the warm weather in Thailand, and here sportswear fashion is not as necessary as comfortability. So going topless is your option due to all the sweat you will get during training. As far as training outside Thailand is concerned, then there is no such option to go topless because this might create unwanted attention for you. As far as women are concerned, they can wear a Sports Bra or Sports Tee, and going topless for women is not an option anywhere in the world.  

Muay Thai Dress Code 

Then for the bottom, women can wear Muay Thai Shorts or Sports legging, which is stretchable to make it easier for them to move their legs during training. Usually, the sportswear for Muay Thai comes in Black color because this has been the dress code for the Muay Thai for many centuries. Except for these few formal sportswear, there are few more things that have been added to Muay Thai clothes fashion for your own protection. So first of all, there are boxing gloves, as you are already aware that Muay Thai from is a really brutal form of Martial Arts, and going without protection gear might hurt you a lot. So to protect your hands from all those strong punches, you are going to need a pair of punching gloves.  

Muay Thai Protective Gear 

Although these gloves are available in the gym, they have been facing all those shears and tears over the year, and all that sweat has made them stinky as well. So best for you is to get the fresh ones for yourself. The further there are Ankle Guards, that is also a necessary part of your training. This protective gear will keep your ankle warm and safe during the training. If you have to go through a hard kick, then, in that case, it protects your ankle from disjointing. Plus, Muay Thai exercise also includes Rope Jumping and Running for Weight loss and fitness, and for that, you are going to need Running shoes as well. Muay Thai is no doubt a step towards a healthy lifestyle, and soon your interest in Muay Thai Training will lead you to fill your wardrobe with Muay Thai Sportswear.