Styling Tips For The Most Iconic Doc Martens

Dr. Martens, or Doc Martens, have dominated footwear fashion for the longest time, remaining one of the most iconic and lasting brands in the fashion world. Released nearly 60 years ago, their classic worker-style silhouette is instantly recognisable and incredibly stylish.

Their shoes have always been high quality, durable, fashion-forward and very comfortable, making their popularity unsurprising. Whether you choose to style your Doc Martens for a casual day out or more dressy for date night, you will be amazed at the endless options they create.

Iconic Styles

Docs are available in many iconic styles. While they all share similarities that keep them true to the brand’s aesthetic, they all have unique qualities that make them the ideal choice, depending on who you are.

1460 Lace-Up

The 1460 lace-up boot was the brand’s first shoe style and is easily their best-selling style to date. They are made with smoothed-out leather and feature the brand’s trademark 8-eyes for the laces. Of course, the classic colour combo of black leather and yellow stitching will never steer you wrong, but the colour availability has increased tremendously, suiting every preference these days.

1461 Oxford Shoe

The oxford has all the comfort and feel of the classic boot but in the familiar oxford style synonymous with men’s formal footwear. It is the second style of shoes the brand launched, and if the boots have converted you, they will be an excellent addition to your closet.

2976 Chelsea Boot

You can never go wrong with Chelsea boots. This shoe design is a necessity for all wardrobes, and combined with the quality of Dr. Martens, they will quickly become your go-to choice for years to come. Their slip-on style moves away from the traditional laces, but you will not sacrifice anything by going for this pick.

Platform Boot

The newest design to be released, platformed boots add an edgier and more dramatic twist to your outfit. They pair brilliantly with skirts, dresses and jeans, and like their predecessors, you will find yourself incorporating them throughout the year time and time again. I personally own the Jadon.

Perfect Denim Pairing

The most classic pairing for Docs is with denim jeans. This style pairing was popular amongst the rebel youth and grunge style of the 80s and 90s, and continues to be a fashion choice that can never go wrong today.

This particular pairing is so popular because these shoes match nearly any style of jeans available on the market. There is something for everyone from the fitted dark wash to baggy light wash jeans. So style them in your favorite ways for endless options.

Wear Stockings

Stockings and Docs are a pairing that has worked for years. Plain black tights help to balance out the bulkiness that comes from the shoes, which can make your outfit look somewhat disproportional when worn alone.

Pair this duo with a graphic tee and high-waisted shorts for a trendy, put-together look, or swap out for a skirt and crop top to achieve a more feminine style. Throw on any jersey or cardigan to complete the look. If you want to try something more daring, ditch the plain black stockings and choose fishnets or patterned tights.

Dress Pairings

This style of footwear pairs very nicely with dresses. As a rule of thumb, stick to mid-length or short skirts, as longer ones can add to the bulkiness of the shoes and throw your entire look off.

This pairing takes minimal effort to perfect, and by switching out accessories, it can be an option year-round. A loose-fitting dress, oversized cardigan and stockings will keep you cosy for winter, while a short sundress and denim jacket brings you into spring.

Feminize Them

Classic Docs are gender-neutral. They do not change the design to fit either gender, which has largely added to the popularity throughout the years. But their bulky appearance and sturdy materials tend to make them look more masculine.

If your style is more on the feminine side, don’t skip over these boots. Instead, adapt them to your wardrobe by incorporating accessories and clothing pieces that lean slighter heavier towards the feminine side, which the androgynous boots will level out.

Branch Out

Even if you are not a fan of the worker-style boot, you don’t have to write off Doc Martens completely. The brand sells a variety of designs, some mentioned above, that are likely to fit into your personal style more easily. Additionally, these more unique styles will stand out far more than the traditional design, adding an extra edge to your overall look.

While matte black ankle boots paired with black fitted jeans and a chic blouse will give you a clean and sharp silhouette, platformed varieties matched with a summer dress and a brimmed hat make you feel sexy and feminine.

It is important to remember that while black is the most common color you will find across the various ranges, there are a number of different colors and patterns to explore if you really want to branch out of the familiar.

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