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As Barclaycard revealed the volume of its payments increased 5% this Cyber Monday, leaders in integrations, Patchworks, share the retail success story of how their integrations have supported their ecommerce brands’ to drive customer orders – with total November customer orders up almost a third (31%) on orders processed in November 2021.

Patchworks helps boost orders by almost a third (31%) this Black November

  • Retailers see 31% increase in orders
  • Passenger will plant 90,105 trees and protect over 18 million sqm of rainforest
  • Passenger see increase in sales of 145%
  • November orders up by 188%
  • Total transactions up by 8.6% year-on-year
  • Over 1.7 million orders processed over BFCM

Amidst mixed forecasts for pre-Christmas retail back in September, Patchworks predicted that despite the cost of living crisis, 2022 might even be a bigger peak trading period than normal, as consumers looked to save big on deals and ‘bag a bargain’. From Black Friday up until and including Cyber Monday, Patchworks processed 1.7 million orders, at a rate of 292 per minute or 4.8 per second.

Patchworks examined all customer order data processed through its integration platform across the November months for 2021 and 2022. In comparison with total average monthly orders for all customers reaching around the 3.6 million mark, this year’s November orders totalled 6.8 million, increasing last November’s levels of 5.2 million by 31% and the average month by 86%.

Patchworks clients’ total November customer transactions – where Patchworks pulls an entity (e.g. an order, refund, product or stock level) from a source system and subsequently pushes it to a destination system – were up 8.6% on last November’s figures, rising from 22.2 million interactions in November 2021 to 24.2 million in November 2022. All of these interactions mean more traffic to websites and apps as customers engage with a brand on multiple levels. The total number of customer transactions across all Patchworks clients between Black Friday and Cyber Monday was a whopping 5.2 million – that’s 902 per minute and 15 per second.

Patchworks customer, Passenger, the purpose-led, responsible brand with a mission to inspire meaningful escapism, saw their November 2022 orders trump November 2021 orders by over 145%, as their Green Friday campaign cut through.  

Chief Operating Officer at Patchworks, Ady Collins said: “We’d anticipated that, in the context of this more challenging financial landscape for consumers, retailers that are able to engage with consumers in the right way and handle the highest peaks of retail activity would outperform in this sales period, and the numbers absolutely reflect this. Some of our top-performing brands have smashed sales expectations, with many having an increase of over double that of an average month’s orders.

“Through integrating their data from multiple sources, integration-savvy ecommerce brands can offer hyper-efficiency and ways to save money through personalised deals, which is precisely the exceptional customer experience that generates successful sales outcomes. In particular, effective integration can give retailers total control of where their stock is, ensuring that warehouses and storefronts talk to each other. This ensures that brands ensure customers aren’t left disappointed from products being oversold or mis-picked – an all too common retail disaster which is now entirely avoidable.”

Jon Lane, Chief Executive Officer at Passenger, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be able to use an event like Green Friday to double down on our support for our Plant & Protect partners. Patchworks are providing us game-changing integration capabilities that give us complete confidence that our processes will deliver in these highly pressurised sales periods. We’re experiencing first-hand that remarkable customer experiences can increase sales and market share, as well as offer us the opportunity to capture invaluable customer data to take our customer experience – and retail success – to the next level.”

Contributor: Patchworks

Patchworks was founded in 2014 and now boasts more than 300 dynamic ecommerce customers – including Huel, Passenger, Gymshark, Lounge Underwear, Castore, Cox & Cox and Simba Sleep.

The Patchworks iPaaS is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that connects key ecommerce systems, including shop front, ERP, CRM and warehouse management, allowing businesses to simplify the integration of their technology stack.

With hundreds of app and agency partners, the Patchworks platform is fuelled by relationships.

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