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You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers. Although a lot of the country is wondering where the hell spring is, we’re surprisingly just about over the hump of this transitional season. That said, summer is just around the corner. Warm weather, wya?

Today’s Top Deals

As we anticipate long days at the beach in our best swim trunks and casual evenings at the bar clad in short shorts and our favorite t-shirts, we can’t help but look forward to everything we’re wearing this summer. That said, everything we’re obsessing over this May we’re snagging in excitement for looking fresh from now until mid-September. And, lucky for us, there are tons of new fashion drops to consider picking up to spruce up your wardrobe in time for the new season.

Because May is somewhat of a transitional month with trends typically ranging toward the hotter side, we figured we’d give you everything under the sun. Bright-colored short swim trunks for rocking by the pool, jeans for throwing on for chill Saturday mornings at the farmers market, fashionable hoodies for chillier nights by the campfire, the whole shebang.

If there’s anything safe to say about the picks is that we’re sure you’re going to be as obsessed as we are. See everything to pick up this May in anticipation of the summer below.

1. Bamboo Ave Fashion Killa 5-Inch Swim Trunks

Did somebody say pretty in pink? Well, yeah, Bamboo Ave did. The brand’s popular Fashion Killa 5-Inch Swim Trunks just got a gorgeous color update just in time for a dip in the pool. This bubblegum pink is an in-your-face fashion must-have that lays perfectly against sun-kissed skin. They’ve got a buttery soft, uber stretchy consistency to them, making them ideal for just about whatever your day brings. From basketball in the morning to a dip in the ocean in the afternoon, Bamboo Ave is ensuring you look good no matter what the case may be.

Bamboo Ave Fashion Killa 5" Swim Trunks

Bamboo Ave Fashion Killa 5″ Swim Trunks

Buy: Bamboo Ave Fashion Killa Swim Trunks $64.00

2. Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers

White sneaker season is among us and Beckett Simonon is bringing it to us hot with their all-new luxury, sustainable sneaker that’ll help you stand out from the crowd. These babies have a minimalistic vibe to them that gives each pair that “all eyes on me” approach. They use full-grain leather that’s sourced using eco-conscious efforts. In addition to the exterior look, the interior of the sneaker will have your feet thanking you over and over. The sneakers fit like gloves and include padded collars and a comfortable sole for maximized support. Don’t love white? You can pick this drop up in a number of other colors as well.

Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers

Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers

Buy: Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers $159.00 (orig. $250.00) 36% OFF

3. Frasier Sterling Ring Bundle

As it heats up, we’re anticipating bringing our looks to a little bit of a kookier level. Like, come on, you already saw the crop top above. Don’t be so shocked. In addition to showing off midriff this month, we’ve become obsessed with Frasier Sterling’s cutesy line of eclectic jewelry. We learned of Frasier Sterling a few months back when Justin Bieber rocked one of their pearl necklaces at his concert in Toronto. Ever since, we can’t help but geek over the rest of the brand’s wacky collection. Right now, buyers can choose three of their favorite Frasier Sterling ring styles and snag an automatic 25% off their order. There’s never been a better time to deck your hands in a wackier drip than this May.

Frasier Sterling Ring Bundle

Frasier Sterling Ring Bundle

Buy: Frasier Sterling Ring Bundle Prices Vary

4. Dickie’s 100 Year Cotton Sateen Work Pants

Men’s workwear is something that’s been trickling into the men’s fashion space for years at this point through skate culture and the streetwear aesthetic. Alongside Carhartt, Dickie’s has been essential to the workwear look — especially their work pants. Recently, Dickie’s celebrated 100 years of existence with a drop that included these 100% cotton sateen work pants, a garment made to feel incredibly smooth on the body with that classic look Dickie’s is known for. For those familiar with Dickie’s, you might know that even when the look trickled into the streetwear/skater space, the material stayed the same. These pants add a bit of versatility to the classic look, overall celebrating the fact that a work garment became such a killer piece to modern men’s fashion.

Dickie's 100 Year Cotton Sateen Work Pants

Dickie’s 100 Year Cotton Sateen Work Pants

Buy: Dickie’s 100 Year Cotton Sateen Work Pants $94.99

5. Playboy Japanese Rabbit Head Hoodie

With this Japanese Rabbit Head Hoodie from Playboy, you might as well convince then you just got back from a tour throughout Asia. This classic Playboy hoodie paints the infamous bunny logo in red atop a white coloration. Underneath and on one of the arm sleeves, the hoodie also throws blue writing depicting the word “Playboy” in Japanese. You might be thinking now isn’t the best time to pick up a hoodie since summer is just around the corner, but we’re sure this is one to keep on your radar for wet May days and chilly summer nights. Plus, you’ll be able to wear it every other season as well.

Playboy Japanese Rabbit Head Hoodie

Playboy Japanese Rabbit Head Hoodie

Buy: Playboy Japanese Rabbit Head Hoodie $78.00

6. DL1961 Nick Slim Jeans

You might find it a bit odd that we’re throwing a pair of jeans your way as one of our favorite picks right now just ahead of summer, but we can’t help but crush on the Nick Slim Jeans from DL1961. These new favorites are coated in a powder blue color with a classic slim fit that’ll tie together all of your May outfits. They use high retention in the materials so you can move around in a way you couldn’t ever before with other jeans. Each pair is breathable which is excellent for hot weather, so even if it’s sweltering outside these jeans will make you move around with ease. In addition, sizes are available from 28 to 42 in men’s to fit a majority of different body types.

DL1961 Nick Slim Jeans

DL1961 Nick Slim Jeans

Buy: DL1961 Nick Slim Jeans $158.00

7. Dior H-Town Sandals

Although we still can’t fully formulate a solid opinion on these new hiking sandals from Dior, we have to admit that we have not been able to get them off of our minds. These Dior sandals are essentially all-jacked-up Tevas taken to a bit of an extreme. First and foremost, the sandals are $1,000, which is insane, but the details included make them worth it. Using brown nubuck calfskin with black and grey technical fabric you’d expect to see in an REI catalog, these sandals are a faux hike-bring along you might just want to wear on the streets this summer. These aren’t for everyone and they are quite silly, but anyone obsessed with designer brands and summer hikes needs to slap these on their feet.

Dior H-Town Sandals

Dior H-Town Sandals

Buy: Dior H-Town Sandals $1,000.00

8. SHEIN Men Striped Contrast Binding Crop T-Shirt

Yup, that’s right. Men’s crop tops are back and they are better than ever. This striped crop top for men comes to us straight from SHEIN. It’s got that classic Sandlot look to it, visually holding onto the past in a way that needs to be paired with a pair of short jorts and high-top Converse. You know, to fit the vibe through and through. We get it, May might be a little early to sport a crop top, but during any really hot May day that appears from the woodwork, this is the tee you’re going to want to break out.

SHEIN Men Striped Contrast Binding Crop T-Shirt

SHEIN Men Striped Contrast Binding Crop T-Shirt

Buy: SHEIN Men Striped Contrast Binding Crop T-Shirt $7.00

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