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A repurchase, even though I explained I will not likely get a entire dimensions of this, but over the study course of proudly owning a vacation measurement, I fell in like with this. It Cosmetics expanded the shade variety, so I received the new Fair Ivory in the hopes it truly is lighter than Good, which is not best for my skin tone. I very first experimented with this components while (or just right after) I was employing The Normal Retinol in squalane, which destroyed my pores and skin for months, so just about none of my make-up worked on me. Now that my pores and skin is lastly in check, this CC and me are on substantially better terms. It can be received a ton of protection, about medium-total (I do not need a individual concealer), plus it has the included gains of a superior SPF and a great listing of pores and skin care ingredients. System is like a loaded moisturiser and for a shorter whilst I can come to feel it on my pores and skin, but then it sets and it truly is fantastic. It can glance so astounding on my skin – clean, glowy and normal, but then from time to time it can seem apparent. It has to do with the issue of my pores and skin, but most of the time it truly is wonderful. Shade is not as gentle as I hoped, it is in fact alternatively near to Fair, so why did they even hassle earning it, if they did not intend to make it lighter? I am not pleased about that, but what is carried out is done and I am going to however use it up.

This caught my focus because of excellent assessments and the substances listing. I wasn’t certain what to assume due to the fact on Cult Beauty it is among the make-up primers, but getting attempted it that is not it. Very well, it’s not only it. It of class can be applied as a primer, but also on its have. This is a single of all those lotions that is white, but has mini color beads in it that burst when rubbed into the skin, revealing a tint. I’ve had numerous these types of merchandise and all finished up way too darkish for me, but this a person is minimum darkish. I can only see it does not match brilliantly on the edges of my encounter, notably hairline wherever some of the darker tint receives trapped, but otherwise it blends in properly. Provided how pale I am, it staying dark shouldn’t be a challenge for most. It produces a beautiful complete, a lovely radiant glow without having wanting greasy or even getting shimmer. Pores usually are not highlighted despite the shine, although I would not say it is really hides them, but blurs a bit. It is pretty a thick cream and it usually takes some time to mix it in or get the beads to burst, but it blends evenly inspite of the thicker texture. This includes some vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with each other with ferulic acid, as perfectly as squalane, caffeine and some extracts. It can be a pleasant item for these who don’t like make-up or sporting a great deal of it, as it just would make the skin appear a bit improved. It has no coverage, it just provides a wholesome glow or a slight tint. I use it underneath basis and concealer as a smoothing, glowy primer.

REVOLUTION Permanently flawless Eyeshadow Palette, EVELINE COSMETICS Liquid Precision Eyeliner 2000% %, Trend IT UP Powder Blush 026 and Pattern IT UP Sensitive Lipliner 120. I do not keep in mind which foundation I utilized. 

My 1st Eveline nail polish and I’m not satisfied. Color is good, a excellent peachy-pink nude, but in my everyday living I by no means bought bubbles forming in a nail polish until eventually now. I failed to do anything diverse than I generally do and I used the major coat from the same manufacturer, which hardly ever prompted bubbles with any other nail polish manufacturer.

My I-never-know-which repurchase. It really is the most effective liquid eyeliner I’ve identified – intensely black, matte, very long-long lasting and has a pleasant applicator. I basically acquired two (just one is in the photo lessen in the article). I bought another 1 latter, so I have a new one open up and a backup in stock. I imagined I had one particular, but I either misplaced it or forgot to obtain it.

This is really comparable to the shade the only Craze It Up blush shade I bought numerous many years back named 050, which was rather popular and discontinued. The latter has some extra sheen and it really is much less brownish, but on the cheeks they look the identical. Pigmentation is rigorous and it truly is not as easy to blend as I like, so I apply it progressively. Being electricity is pretty lousy and in the exact same selling price array there are much better blushes (like Catrice). If you favored 050, this is fairly substantially the exact same.

DM, 1,99 €

CATRICE Hop, Hop, Hooray! Limited Version Mini Nail Lacquer

C04 Lavender Bouquet

This is from Catrice’s adorable assortment of nail polishes for Easter time. They have two dimensions, the frequent one and this mini, but the shade ranges are distinctive. Mini’s are pastels and the greater five are explained as timeless classics. The ears are just a paper sticker. C04 Lavender Bouquet is a pastel violet with a fantastic high quality formulation that is smooth and absolutely opaque with the to start with coat.

ESSENCE I <3 Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof

Standard repurchase. I always have a backup in my stash that I buy as soon as I open a new mascara. This formula makes my lashes look the best from all mascaras I tried and that’s mostly because it can hold my lashes curled all day. It’s not the most amazing one at fanning out or “shaping” the lashes like Pupa Vamp, but if a mascara doesn’t keep my lashes up, it really doesn’t matter how amazing its effect is, since you can’t see my lashes then. Waterproof mascaras tend to be so dry that the add far less volume, but this one is a lot better in that respect than most and it catches every lash, creating a multiplying effect. The brush is big and clumpy, but I kinda have to forgive that. Revlon’s Volumazing mascara is its main contender, but it’s more expensive.

DM, 2,99 €

Another repurchase, but the first one of this liner. I got this once in a PR pack and it’s still working now, which is unheard of for a felt tip liner. It’s not as long-lasting or resistant as Catrice, but close. It’s advantage is the smaller, more precise applicator, so I can draw very thin lines with it. It’s super black, can last all day (it’s better in winter/cold months) and it strays fresh very long.

DM, 2,99 €

TREND IT UP SENSITIVE Balance & Cover Makeup


This is being discontinued and I got it despite that the shade is too dark for me because I planned it to use on other people and it was the cheapest options (I gave all the amazing Oriflame foundations away, which I all had in too dark shades from PR parcels and Catrice’s True Skin turned out bloody awful when I used it on someone). I expected a nicely hydrating foundation, but this is just the worst. It’s possible this bottle was used by some idiots as a tester and maybe it dried out a bit, but the dropper doesn’t pick up anything. It’s an insanely fast drying formula that can’t be applied evenly. I had to take it off right away, it was so patchy. I tried it again with more hydrating skin care under it, but this is just the most horrible patchy, peeling foundation I have ever tried. Shade is similar to Catrice True Skin 010.

DM, 2,99 €



Another thing that’s being discontinued. It’s a beautiful natural pink shade and formula is creamy, as well as not drying or tight on the lips. But that creaminess comes at a price that it doesn’t last long on the lips. It’s less “sticky” than their lipliners in regular line. I love the colour though and I got two more.  

DM, 0,99 €

ESSENCE Lashes to Impress

03 Half Lashes

These are so cute. Not too much or crazy long and they just add a nice fluttery look on the outer corners. They aren’t that much longer than my natural lashes in the centre part of my eye, so they look natural. I need a better glue for these.

Müller, 2,99 €

ESSENCE Lash Princes Wispy Effect False Lashes

These look a lot like Ardell Demi Wispies. They are voluminous and already a bit much on my small eyes with not much lid space, but they are not too wide like Catrice’s Classicista Volume Lashes. Both Half Lashes and these have a small added glue with isn’t amazing, as the inner corners just won’t hold.  

DM, 2,99 €

EBELIN Puder und Make-up Blender

This caught my eye because of that felt top layer that’s meant for applying powder, but I wanted it for liquid foundations. It also has a flat bottom side, which appeals to me more than rounded sponges. I rarely use such blenders, mostly because I can’t be bothered going to the tap to wet them and because I don’t like the finish they leave, but Dermacol foundation only works with such sponges and my Nanshy one is falling to bits. This one is much softer than Nanshy, even when dry. When wet it expands a lot, it’s soft and bouncy – again softer than Nanshy. I still don’t like the look it creates with most foundations when used wet, as I find they make it look like I applied makeup over an orange, but I started using it dry and it’s amazing. Softer than cushion foundation sponges and easier to hold/better shaped. It blends beautifully, very much like cushion sponges. I use it all the time now for blending foundations and I can use the felt tip side for applying powder under the eyes (or anywhere, but I mostly apply it there because of the glasses). I’m getting more of these. 

DM, 2,69 €

BODY & SOUL Winmpernbűrsten-Set

My lashes are so dishevelled and every time I apply a mascara, I try to fan them out nicely and with most formulas and brushes I just make it worse. These help me break up the clumps and fix the gaps. I don’t like the brush on my favourite formula I <3 Extreme wp by Essence and these help me get a much better effect. There are four different brushes, each reminds me of wands from other mascaras: first is somewhat similar to Givenchy Phenomen'eyes, second to Benefit they are Real, second, third is like Maybelline Lash Sensational and last has a classic shape like Essence's Volume Hero Mascara. I use them for combing lashes, but they are meant to use with mascaras, either to swap the brush that you don't like or to use on other people for hygienic reasons. 

Müller, about 1-2 €

*ORIFLAME Posses Absolute

Woody Fruity

Top: Bergamot Essence, Pomegranate Accord, Apple

Heart: Orange Flower, Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine

Base: Cotton Musk, Amber Woods Accord, Praline

The third member of the Possess family, this one is centred around pomegranate and it’s my favourite of the three. Pomegranate is the most dominant note at the start, together with apple, making a nice sweet, tart and fresh combination. Later it’s a delicate woody floral. It’s not too strong or sharp, so I find it’s a type of fragrance that’s suitable for any occasion. It reminds me at times of the initial burst of Euphoria because of the pomegranate (it’s a lot different latter), but a lot more of Hugo Boss The Scent, which is one of my favourite scents. It’s not that similar to Possess the Secret and the only thing I find in common is the osmanthus, but it’s here more subtle. Possess the Secret is more long-lasting though, one of best such fragrances in this respect in my collection, Absolute, though, only has a moderate staying power. 

Oriflame, regular price 34 €


I just finished a bottle of A-Game 5, which my skin could easily handle from first use, so I got the stronger 10 one with 0,1% retinal, which is said compares with 1% retinol, but with a lot less irritation and should work faster. I’m not sure I see any results after using a full bottle of 5, but I liked that’s easy to use, there was never any peeling like I had at TO, my skin is in good condition and the texture is a light lotion that absorbs quick enough. Version 10 is very similar in terms of texture to 5, both are light lotion-like product in a bright yellow shade. It’s a bit thicker and I’d also say less hydrating, but I always use so much under it, the latter doesn’t matter to me. I think my skin got a bit nicer when I started using this instead of 5 (more healthy-looking), but I could just be imagining things. 

Superskin, 18,50 €


A repurchase. I use this every day. It contains 0,5% Beta-Glucan and Madecassoside, so this is a repairing serum, especially great for sensitive, irritated skin or skin that need some repairing of the skin barrier. It’s a very light serum that absorbs quickly, so easy to include in the routine. I originally got it because of madecassoside, which in my previous experience with this ingredient, I know works so great for my skin, but I also got it as potential fixer in case A-Game 5 would wreak havoc on my skin like TO’s retinol did, but luckily (or because of this) my skin hasn’t needed any  fixing or irritated skin since I started using it.  

Superskin, 10,80 €

GARNIER Ambre Solaire Super UV Fluid SPF 50+

One of my favourite sunscreens. It’s so light on the skin, not greasy, there no excessive sunscreen glow, it doesn’t burn when it gets in my eyes and it doesn’t pill. Texture is very liquid, so it’s easy to apply and even layer if you want, plus there’s no white cast. The only minus is the amount of alcohol, but I when it comes to sunscreens, I forgive such things. 

Müller, 10 €

BALEA Beauty Expert Liquid Peeling 2% BHA

Balea’s new skin care line. This was the only product I was able to find so far, but there’s also a retinol + bakuchiol serum, a PHA cleanser, an AHA peeling body lotion and a niacinamide body lotion. Peeling contains 2% salicylic acid, so we finally have a The Ordinary (plus other copycats) equivalent in drugstores here (Revox, another TO copycat, doesn’t have such a product here). It’s a rich toner like product, but also somewhat almost oily-feeling. There’s this heavy-greasy feeling layer on the skin and it takes a while for it to absorb (something under 15 minutes on me). When it does, the skin feels dry-to-the-touch enough that I can start applying other skin care. It’s a weird type of texture to apply first after cleansing and if I start applying products over it before it dries, I feel like it acts as barrier for other products to absorb. It’s an ok product, just not ideal for people like me who often have no time/patience to wait for it to sink in. I expected something lighter, such as COSRX Blackhead liquid, but given how easily available it is and affordable, I won’t complain much. My skin is currently clear and in really nice condition, so I have no idea how well it works on blemishes. I got it in the hopes it reduces blackheads, since I’ve been neglecting BHA for a long time now. I got no reaction from this, but my skin is far from sensitive. 

DM, 5.99 €

BALEA Niacinamide Day Crem SPF 30

Niacinamide Tages Crème

This product combines two things I want in my day cream – niacinamide and SPF. Olay’s Regenerist does that and more too (peptides), but sadly their day cream SPF 30 isn’t sold in Müller here anymore, plus is so much more expensive. This has 10% of niacinamide, so equivalent to their popular serum that I still haven’t tried (I only have the AHA version). It’s kind of a typical cream that sits on the skin for a while, but it’s not a heavy, rich moisturiser, it’s just one that doesn’t sink in fast. I don’t mind that on my dry skin. There is sunscreen shine at this one and combining it with Afrodita’s Vitamin C serum under it, is an especially shiny combination. I’ve tried to apply a large amount, to test for those who are interested in it as a sunscreen and want to apply the recommended amount and it doesn’t really work that well because, as it needs to be blended to a thinner layer.  

DM, 3,99€

NIVEA SUN Dark Spot Control Luminous 630 SPF 50

Anti-Pigmentflecken Sonnenschutz Luminous 630 LFS 50

A new sunscreen in our drugstores, though Nivea has a non-Sun version (in their skin care line) with SPF 50. I’ve been wearing this constantly since I got it and I like it a lot. It’s not greasy, has a “Korean sunscreen level” of shine that looks more like healthy glow than sunscreen shine, it feels like a regular moisturiser and not a sunscreen. It even doesn’t have the Nivea Sun scent, which I miss, but this one is ok too. I think it’s the same or at least similar scent than in their Q10 pearl serum. It might be strong to some, but it doesn’t bother me at all. So far it hasn’t irritated my eyes, which is a big plus and it protected well in strong sun. It’s been a couple of years since I have Nivea’s Mattifying sunscreen, but I think this is very similar. This contains Isobutylamido Thiazolyl Resorcinol (Thiamidol), which fades pigmentation, which makes me pick this in the morning over Garnier, though the latter is lighter. 

DM, 14,69 

SUN DANCE Matt Sonnenfluid SPF 50

I picked this up because it was cheap, so I’ll have something as a sort of a spare. I was thinking about getting the anti-age version and now I wish I did because I see they haven’t changed a thing from the previous versions. It’s still super shiny and just not as comfortable as I’d like. As a backup it’s ok, but Nivea and Garnier Fluid are so much better. 

DM, 3,99 €

*AFRODITA COSMETICS Clean Phase Enzyme Solution Cleansing Milk

Encimsko čistilno mleko

All three products above contain papain, an enzym that evens out the skin tone. I’ve always hated cleansing milks, they are such an outdated concept to me and usually you need to remove them with cotton pads, but they still leave a film on the skin. This is not that and I’m pleasantly surprised. You apply it on damp skin, massage it in and it rinses off completely, leaving no film behind. It says it’s also a makeup remover, but it’s not as nice as cleansing oils. Milk is suited for dry and sensitive skin.

*AFRODITA COSMETICS Clean Phase Enzyme Solution Cleansing Foam

Encimska čistilna pena

A cleansing mousse that’s very similar to the Young & Pure one, though a bit more fluffy and feels somewhat nicer. The main difference is mostly fragrance. I like the Young & Pure one, so obviously this is another nice one. This one is suited for normal-combination and sensitive skin.

*AFRODITA COSMETICS Clean Phase Enzyme Solution Toner

Encimski toner

A light toner with papain. It’s again very similar to the Young & Pure one, so fast absorbing and hydrating, though not as much as my other toners. Considering this is a product that’s not rinsed off like the other two, it the one you should notice fastest the effect of papain, since the later acts like an exfoliator. My skin already has a nice healthy glow at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll see that big of a difference, but it’s worth a try especially if you have unclear skin or it doesn’t feel smooth. All products are moderately to heavily scented.

*AFRODITA COSMETICS Skin Specialist Vitamin C Anti-Age Serum

I recently used up Afrodita Professional Vitamin C concentrate, which was so far the only vitamin C product I noticed faded sun damage and pigmentation marks, though once it reached a certain point, that stopped, but still it’s the most effective such product I’ve tried. This is the drugstore version of it with the same type of vitamin C, just a lesser percentage. Both contain Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (from Japan), which has been my favourite version, since I found the already discontinued Balea Vital Concentrate. Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is a stable version of vitamin C, soluble in oil that doesn’t irritate the skin and it’s said to be 25x more effective than l-ascorbic acid – based on my experience I agree. It also contains squalane and Ethyl Ferulate, which is an ester of Ferulic Acid. Texture is very similar to the Professional version, so both are light oily-ish lotions that leave a glow on the skin (those with oily skin may need something mattifying over it). I use it in my morning routine under SPF.

*AFRODITA COSMETICS Why Mask Vitamin C Invigorating Mask

A leave-on mask with Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate and some Ascorbic Acid, as well as aloe vera, panthenol and lemon juice. It’s has a strange kind of plastic scent. I applied a thick coats of it overnight (I didn’t wipe off the excess after 15 minutes as suggested. I never do that) and I’m not sure I noticed anything special in the morning. There was still a thin coat of it on the skin, so my dry skin was nourished, but I don’t think it was any brighter. You could use this as a regular moisturiser, as you get plenty of product in the pack. 

*AFRODITA COSMETICS Why Mask Pure Enzyme Glow Mask

Enzym exfoliating mask with papain. It promises to make the skin smoother, softer and glowy. I haven’t tried it yet. 

BEE NATURAL Beewax Lip Balm

Coconut Vanilla

A repurchase. I have mango from before that I got after a recommendation from one of the readers and it’s my favourite after Palmer’s Swivel Stick. I actually got Pomegranate version some weeks ago because it was the only one with the 1+1 offer, but I found the scent so revolting, I gave them away (to someone who finds the scent ok) and I got this one instead. Formula is despite the name, one of the least waxiest balms, so it feels more nourishing and doesn’t just sit like a layer on the lips. Coconut Vanilla smells best from the versions I’ve tried, but it still has that one odd note that I’m not a fan of. It’s an equal mix of coconut and vanilla to me, but the fake version of coconut. 

Müller, 3,49 €

MIXA Oil-in-Stick

I got this because of the name, as I thought it might be something different or at least less waxy than average lip balm. It is indeed the latter, otherwise it’s feels like a regular formula. I ended up really liking this, a bit unexpectedly, but it’s a great quality formula for dry lips. This has no scent. 

DM, 2,49 €

LABELLO Blackberry Shine

I heard this being mentioned as a kind of dupe for the famous Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey that gets its moment in the spotlight every few years. It’s a purple-burgundy light tinted balm that does indeed look very similar to Back Honey from what I’ve seen on pictures (I haven’t tried the expensive original). It gives the lips a bit of colour without looking too much, the tint on me a more sheer black cherry than brownish red I’ve seen on some swatches of Black Honey. It doesn’t last long, but I assume Clinique’s doesn’t last that long either, since all such balmy formulas are about the same (I’ve tried so many in the past that I know higher prices are not justifiable). It’s got a sweet-sour berry scent, more like candy than the real deal. Formula is ok, thicker than Mixa and more waxy, but hydrating enough.

Müller, 1,99 €

YEAUTY Eye Pad Mask

Energy Elixir & Beauty Boost

Eye patches that I haven’t tried yet, but they are some of the cheapest and have nice ingredients. Energy Elixir has ascorbic acid, though I perplexed why they are in a clear packaging then. Reviews are great, though. The gold ones have ceramides and gold. By the way, the gold version sold in DM doesn’t have ceramides and has a different ingredients list.

DM & Müller, 0,99 €

ORIFLAME Waunt Level Up Butter Cleanser

A balm or cream (something in between actually) to oil cleanser that turns to a milky emulsion with water. It’s about the same thing as Clarins Pure Melt Gel so nothing dramatically new, but it’s nice to see Oriflame come up with their version. I applied all of my most long-lasting, high coverage makeup and a resistant regular mascara on one eye (Milani Anti-Gravity) and waterproof on another. It’s basically a creamy oil that melts on the face as you massage it in. This removed all, even waterproof mascara, though in this case the Milani mascara proved itself more pesky to remove. There were truly minute traces of mascara on the cotton pad I used later with an oil cleanser to test how clean is my face. This also washes off with water, leaving no film on the skin, but still I followed up with a second mousse cleanser, mostly because I’m used to it. It’s scented, but not very strongly. So far I’m impressed by this. 

Oriflame, regular price 20 €, currently 14,99 € 

ORIFLAME Waunt Smooth Cheeks Liquid Toner-Cream

A toner in a spray with ferments and panthenol. So far I find it just hydrating with a nice fine mist that I can use over the day if I want, but ferments in general agree with my skin, so I’ll see long term how it fares. This is quite fragranced.  

Oriflame, regular price 20 €, currently 14,99 € 

ORIFLAME Waunt Water Burst Dewy Gel-Cream

A hydrating gel-cream, I don’t have much other things to say here. It has some ferments lower on the ingredients list. It’s light and feels hydrating, but from Oriflame creams I prefer their Optimals Urban Guard 3D Night Cream because of nicer ingredients. The texture is nice, but I want more from a moisturiser than just hydration and for ferments prefer the toner because it’s easier to layer. 

Oriflame, regular price 19 €, currently 14,49 € 

DOVE Shower Gel

Basic repurchase because DM had a 1+ 1 offer. I love the creamy texture of the original Dove shower gel, but the rest are a hit or miss.

DM, 2,79 €

NIVEA Body Souffle 

Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil

A repurchase. Before I had the coconut tiare version that I bought because I hoped it has a tropical scent (it doesn’t), but I ended up loving the texture and its nourishing effect. Cherry Blossom doesn’t have the best scent either, but I’ll deal with it. It’s a thick cream with jojoba oil beads. It sinks in fast, leaving a silky feeling behind and nourished dry skin well. It has a nice long-term effect on dry skin and can deal with dry, rough skin. The Q10 with vitamin C lotion is even better, but this one has a nicer texture. 

Interspar, 5,99 €

LA CROA Argan Keratin Repair Hair Mask

Repurchase. This is a great rich and thick formula for very dry hair. It’s not easy to get it all over my long hair, but I manage to use just one bag at a time and my hair feels nicely nourished after use. There’s a pot version, but I haven’t seen it in person yet. I was told by someone from Zagreb that they don’t have it in drugstores either and this is a Croatian brand, so I guess it’s only online. I think I might try the conditioner from this line that’s sold here and hope it’s as good.

Müller, 1,99 €

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Haircare I purple you Shampoo

Afrodita Professional’s first hair care. This intense purple shampoo, just like L’Oreal’s, Inebrya Ice Cream and Olaplex’s. It’s SLS and SLES free, and it has hydrolised keratin. Because it has no soap, it’s doesn’t foam that much, especially on the first wash, but it’s not drying, doesn’t leave my hair tangled and it tones just like other good shampoos I mentioned above. 

Aqua, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco-Glucoside, Parfum, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Polyquaternium-10, Polyquaternium-44, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Citric Acid, CI 60730 (Acid Violet 43), Disodium EDTA, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone,  Methylisothiazolinone, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, D-Limonene

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Haircare I purple you Conditioner

The companion to the shampoo, but this one is light lilac in colour, so I wouldn’t use this without using a shampoo first because on my darker shade of blonde, this might not have an effect (Schwarzkopf Blonde Me mask is the same colour). It has coconut oil, hydrolised keratin and lactic acid. Formula is creamy, but more on the light side. I opted to use the more nourishing mask instead of this, so it’s still waiting its turn.

Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Amodimethicone, Behentrimonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Chloride, Isopropyl Palmitate, Parfum, Hydrolyzed Keratin,  Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Lactic Acid, Trideceth-12, Isopropyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Acid Violet 43 (CI 60730), Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol,  Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, D-Limonene

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Haircare Your hair therapy Regenerative Mask

The reparative and nourishing line of Afrodita Professional. This looks great on paper with shea butter second on the list. It also has Amodimethicone, which is my preferred silicone, as well as coconut, macadamia, argan and avocado oil, cocoa buter, hydrolised keratin, lactic acid, panthenol and rapeseedoil. It’s nicely thick and rich, but easy to apply. Formula reminds me most of La Croa Repair mask (though Afrodita is less balmy and lighter) and The Body Shop Shea Butter mask (it’s less dense than that one). It’s nourishing enough and it leaves my hair soft, but it has zero frizz control. I used the Purple shampoo, plus this for an hour and just Afrodita Professional Leave-in, so none of my usual stuff and my hair was very frizzy and it just didn’t want to dry straight even with my Remington brush. So I had a ton of volume, but at me that’s not a good thing and I ended up straightening my hair because no amount of my oils & leave-in creams did enough. I’ll try this again with my de-frizzing stash, because at least it felt very nourishing.

Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Dicaprylyl Ether, Behentrimonium Chloride, Amodimethicone, Parfum, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil,Persea Gratissima Oil, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Lactic Acid, Panthenol, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract,  Brassica Campestris Seed Oil, Trideceth-12, Isopropyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol,  Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool

*AFRODITA PROFESSIONAL Haircare Your hair therapy Conditioner Leave-on Spray

A duo-phase leave-in conditioner that needs to be shaken before use. Like all products above it has hydrolised keratin. It’s ok on dry hair to make the hair look more put together because it’s not a very wet type of leave-in conditioner. But on damp hair after washing, it does nothing for me apart from provide heat protection.  

Aqua, Caprylyl Methicone, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene,  Hydrogenated Polydecene,  Hydrogenated C6-14 Olefin Polymers, Parfum, Behentrimonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone

GARNIER Color Naturals Crème 

9.1 Natural Extra Light Ash Blonde and 8.1 Natural Light Ash Blonde

These have completely replaced L’Oreal Excellence for me. For one they are half cheaper, since L’Oreal’s price surged over the years, shades are pretty much the same and as much as I love that L’Oreal conditioner they add in their boxes, I now use Joico K-Pack Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator right after colouring. I swap the developers with a weaker 3% one, since I’m toning and not lifting the hair colour. I use the developers from these boxes for cleaning (1 part dish soap + 1 part hydrogen peroxide developer + sprinkling of baking soda for removing stubborn stains on fabric). The conditioner size added to the boxes is pitiful, with only 22 ml. I use mostly 9.1 (I’ve used up a few boxes so far) and I buy 8.1 as a just-in-case if I don’t manage to bleach all that well. 

DM, 3,79 €

L’OREAL Elnett Hair Spray

I’ve been using Nivea’s Curl Forming spray as a hair spray for some time now. I switched from Lee Stafford’s coconut one because it’s less drying and not a typical hair spray, but since I haven’t had an actual regular hair spray in my collection. I used to have Elnett, but a different version and I don’t remember it being so good. It’s so light, not at all sticky or stiff. I really like it. Only thing that’s annoying is the strong scent (I think L’Oreal has a version without it, but I wanted a mini), Nivea’s is much kinder to my lungs. There’s a version with argan oil that I’ve seen on Müller’s website and I’m interested in trying it.  

Müller, 1-2 €

BALEA Reinigendes Handgel

Magic Forest

A scented gel hand disinfectant. A repurchase in a way, but I had a different scent before, since Balea swaps them regularly. This one doesn’t smell that much different like the one I just used up. It’s again a strong punch of fruity schnapps followed by something sweet. It’s not drying and I like the packaging because I can keep these outside my bag. It’s a shame, though, they don’t sell these scented ones without this silicone case because I could easily reuse the old one with a new bottle. 

DM, € 2,49


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