New exhibition marks a spring ‘Revival’ for local artist Amber Groome


"The High Priestess" by Amber Groome, part of her "Revival" exhibition at Lindsay Gallery

When Amber Groome to start with started earning dolls out of polymer clay and drawing similar characters in her sketchbooks, it was a variety of non-public self-therapy, not an inventive statement. For a though, she was not completely ready to share her miniature dolls with others, a great deal significantly less display screen them on gallery partitions for potential consumers. 

But about 13 yrs in the past, Groome found she was completely ready to display her artwork, and Duff Lindsay’s Quick North gallery commenced working with the artist, who turned acknowledged for her a person-of-a-kind, meticulously crafted dolls not just in Columbus, but nationally through the Outsider Artwork Good in New York City. Groome manufactured very small dresses for the dolls, which she ordinarily exhibited in the compartments of antique drawers and trays, typically accompanied by totems symbolizing femininity (doilies, lace), start (eggs) and vulnerability (uncovered hearts).  


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