Never mind, they deactivated the new one too… (originally titled: “I have a new instagram account”)

četrtek, december 08, 2022

Update 11.12.2022 – new account was deactivated, as I’m apparently not allowed to make a new one. Funny, they deactivate it in a heartbeat, yet have no time to reply which was in their opinion the rule-breaking image. I hope this never happens to you. All I did was post the same things I always do, my most popular type of stories – what’s new in the drugstores with my pictures from Müller (done it so many times) and since the new products were also Revlon Satin Ink Crown Jewels shades, I added Revlon’s swatches I got from Google (I planned to make them myself, but the PR parcel arrived much later than I expected. I just wanted to be helpful by posting Revlon’s official-looking swatches.) and I added a screenshot of my blog with a link to the review to the original lineup of shades of Satin Inks. That was it – the “crime of selling and promoting fraudulent goods”. Revlon’s products aren’t fraudulent, nor does Müller sell any such items. I could send more appeals, but it looks like they made up their mind about me.   

Original, now obsolete part of the post: My original Instagram account, which I had for 8 years and posted thousands of stories and pictures on, has been deactivated by IG a couple of weeks ago. I tried to get it back, but they refused to revive it (maybe so far). So I started fresh and created a new account @matejas_beauty_blog where you can continue to follow me. I’ll post the same types of beauty updates and pictures like I did so far, so if you wish to join me there, you’re more than welcome.

Have a better day than I’m having! 

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