Are you stressed about how expensive salon treatments are? or don’t have enough time to go for your regular manicure and pedicure? Whatever your reason is, we have got you all covered!

In today’s instant perfect world, every woman wants to achieve the perfect glam look. From nail polishes to nail art with tools for all those dolled-up nails, we all want to get those beautiful hands and pretty nails! But, booking a salon every few weeks is not possible. 

However, this shouldn’t make you go out of trend or from the game. It is where a perfect manicure and pedicure tool can be your saviour.

A manicure and pedicure set or manicure pedicure tool kit is the friendliest, cheapest, and easily available product on the market. Manicure and pedicure tools surely save time and give you a pretty perfect salon glam touch-up right in the comfort of your home. You can also invest in nail art kit tools to bring out your inner artist by doing beautiful nail art on your nails after you get done with a manicure.

Essential Manicure & Pedicure Tools

Pumice Stone and Foot File

A pedicure kit tool or a pedicure set has a foot file and a pumice stone which is a perfect tool to remove the dead skin cells from the heels. It is the best tool to heal cracked heels. The skin becomes smooth and soft after a single usage. Pedicure brushes and other items included in professional pedicure kits can also be used to smooth the skin and remove dead skin cells from dry areas like elbows and knees.

Cuticle Cutter

This tool removes the dry skin around the nails of both hands and feet from the cuticle region. A good cuticle clipper or cutter can easily cut off the dry and unwanted skin from the cuticle without even hurting once. It is one of the essential pedicure instruments that gives your pedicure nails a clean look and make your feet look beautiful.

Nail Cutter

A nail cutter is an essential nail care tool available in every house. A nail cutter or a nail clipper is a tool that helps in trimming nails and shaping them as your choice. Regular use of nail cutters keeps you hygienic and makes you stay away from falling ill. 

Nail Buffer

A nail buffer is an excellent manicure kit tool to buff out the unnourished and dull nails from your hands and legs. It also comes included in manicure set tools. Buffing the nails keeps them cleaner and makes them look shinier. However, it is suggested to avoid over-buffing the nails, as it can damage the nails and nail bed.

Callus Remover

A foot scrubber or Callus remover is a skincare tool for your feet. It functions quite similarly to a pumice stone. It helps remove dead, flaky, dry skin, leaving the heels soft and healthy.

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Until now, we hope you are clear about all the manicure and pedicure tools available on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nail Care Tools

Q1. How often should you do manicures and pedicures?

Ideally, a manicure and pedicure procedure should be done every 10 to 15 days. However, it depends on you and the growth of your nails. You can invest in a pedicure brush set and manicure brush to save your cost and salon time.

Q2. How often should you trim your nails?

Nails should get trimmed properly every few days because it is vital to maintain regular hygiene. Thus, to avoid dirt buildup, germs, and some nail infections, it is suggested to trim your nails once every 10 days and keep your hygiene properly.

Q3. How to heal cracked heels?

A cracked heel is majorly due to dry feet. But, it can get caused due to various other factors such as cold weather, tight shoes, walking, overwashing of feet, using chemical-based products and a few more. It is suggested to use crack repair creams or ointments, or glycerine to provide instant relief to your cracked heel part. 

Crack repair ointments or creams contain highly moisturising components that provide instant hydration to the skin. It also has antibiotics and other healing properties that help faster healing.

Bonus Tip: It gets recommended to scrub your feet once a week with a pumice stone or foot file. It will help you eliminate the dry, dead skin from the cracked part. After scrubbing, apply a moisturiser that will provide nourishment and care to your cracked heel.

Q4. How to take care of your nails and toes daily?

Taking care of your nails and toes is as vital as taking care of your other body parts. Use soaps, shower gels, scrubs, and hand regular washes to clean your nails and hands. 

It will help prevent dirt buildup, bacteria, sweat, or skin infections. After a proper hand wash, always dry your fingernails and toenails and apply nail nourishment oil. 

Then, apply hand creams and foot creams for good moisturisation and nourishment. These creams also have antiseptic properties that keep infections away from happening and help in healing any minor cut.

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