Instant Gratification Skincare Results with Dr. Brandt

instant skincare results with dr brandt

I’m just as impatient as everyone else. Here on the site I feel like I’ve definitely said that it takes a good 6-8 weeks before you’ll start to see results with new skincare products. It’s what I was taught in medical school, and it’s what dermatologists use as a good rule of thumb. With some products (like retinoids) you’ll have to wait even longer before you’re really seeing benefits.

But… I don’t like to wait. Today I want to share a couple of my favorite products that give instant (or near instant) results.

before no more baggageafter no more baggageafter makeup and no more baggage

Who has the perfect under eye area? I can tell you that I certainly don’t! I’m 45, and my eye area has some volume loss (so I sometimes have shadows), I wake up puffy, and I have darkness and discoloration. I love that No More Baggage tackles and corrects a lot of these issues almost immediately.

I’m sharing these amazing pictures of myself. I have only resized them, I likely should have brightened them a tad but I didn’t want to artificially hide anything. 1st, my eyes with nothing on them, straight out of the shower. I just . Then I’ve applied No More Baggage and waited about 10 minutes (I dried my hair), and you can see that the bags under my eyes aren’t as dark and aren’t as puffy. In person, the difference is even more dramatic! The puffiness is much better after No More Baggage.

No More Baggage is a bright orange colored gel, though when you apply it doesn’t make your eye area look at all orange. It does some color correcting. I like that it sinks into my skin, and doesn’t add another layer of makeup to my face. This really helps prevent creasing later, which is more likely to happen with a layer of color corrector makeup and then concealer.

I’ve applied makeup in the third picture. My undereyes will never be absolutely perfect (I likely need filler, but I’m opting to continue aging gracefully without filler/botox), you do see a tad darkness despite my makeup, but those are shadows. Overall the dark circles are much improved, and the puffiness is also much less.

I think that using a great face scrub is probably the fastest you could see an improvement in your skin. But, it’s also really easy to get it wrong. Have a scrub with large, sharp grit? That’s a great way to basically tear your skin. Don’t have enough grit? You’ll get inconsistent results. I am very picky about face scrubs, and Dr. Brandt makes my favorite one.

Microdermabrasion has everything that I look for in a face scrub. The grit is small, evenly shaped and not sharp. There’s enough grit that you get nice, even coverage and uniform results. It even smells amazing, a fresh, sweet lemon scent. I think it’s almost impossible to mess up with this scrub! A light washing, and I swear my face is much smoother, my pores look smaller and I feel glowy. I love it once or twice a week.


What are your favorite skincare products that give you immediate results?
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This post is a collaboration with Dr. Brandt Skincare, but the opinions and results are my own.

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