Martha LaMarche

BRIDGTON — Gallery 302 is pleased to welcome abstract artist, Martha LaMarche, as our guest artist from June 11 – July 20. Martha is fascinated by the timeless visual communication of the arts. Her creative springboard may be nature, but it can also be current events and the inner turmoil sparked therein.

Once inspired, she states, “I lose myself in the brushstroke, color, composition and the awakening of that elusive flow. I prefer the large surface, as the movement and spontaneity in my work pair well with oil colors and medium. Mark making appears as passion, for the subject arises within.”

Over the course of Martha’s life, subjects and themes evolve to inform a particular series. Each work captures a moment in time, related, yet not necessarily in a linear fashion. We hope you will enjoy this unusual show entitled “COALESCENCE”.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, July 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. A talk will be offered by the artist prior to the reception at 4:30. We welcome the public to attend this event. Gallery 302 is located at 112 Main Street in Bridgton.

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