Everything you need to know about thrift shopping


Essentials of how to purchase next-hand apparel or thrifting. Photograph: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Thrifting, another word for second-hand shopping, is a new way to shop for clothes globally.

Essentials of how to buy 2nd-hand clothes or thrifting. Image: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Thrifting, another phrase for 2nd-hand procuring, is bit by bit turning out to be the new norm of apparel consumption globally. In this post, we split down the pretty fundamentals of what it is and how you can be component of this adjust.

What is thrifting?

Shopping for carefully used products at a discounted value is termed thrifting. A new term to our vernacular, it is also seductively termed as “pre-cherished,” “resale,” “vintage” etc.

It is superior to note that the term “classic” differs from its popularly substituted counterparts. When any item of apparel of any age can be marketed second-hand, for an merchandise of clothes to be regarded vintage, its age ought to be a minimal of 20 years.

So, what is with all the hoopla surrounding thrift?

The increasing eco-consciousness of individuals, primarily in the Gen-Z demographic, merged with the electricity of social media giants like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube delivering a platform for imaginative self-expression and a raging pandemic that has made us all rethink our approaches of lifetime and lessen our wants for searching for dresses, pre-cherished browsing took about our collective consciousness and transcended to the mainstream from the area of interest.

The next-hand clothing market place is composed of two categories – brick and mortar thrift suppliers and resale platforms, the latter of whom fuelled the new increase. Resale platforms like Depop and TheRealReal took off together with a great number of Instagram-based mostly vintage and thrift shops. 

Trends like style flipping – getting pre-liked apparel and reselling them and thrift flipping – remodeling a thrifted piece into anything, has cemented the area of pre-liked purchasing as a mainstay in mainstream style use.

Why ought to I opt for pre-cherished?

Fashion, together with its glitz and glam, has its good share of dark history bordering environmental destruction. According to a 2019 report released by the Household of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, “textile output contributes far more to climate change than intercontinental aviation and delivery merged.”

With the developing environmental consciousness of contemporary-working day shoppers thrifting has turn out to be their go-to for a sustainable life-style preference, a stage in the direction of circular fashion.


With the growing environmental consciousness of present day-day people thrifting has turn out to be their go-to for a sustainable lifestyle selection, a phase toward circular vogue.

Fewer than 1 p.c of products used to make outfits are at present recycled to make new garments, a $500 billion annual reduction for the fashion market. This has been mainly fuelled by the expansion of rapid style giants like H&M and Zara, and additional just lately by the uber-rapid fashion businesses like Shein, which churn out 700-1000 models day-to-day at impossibly low-cost selling prices, contributing more and more to landfill.

With the escalating environmental consciousness of modern-day consumers, in particular in the millennial and Gen-Z demographic, thrifting has turn into their go-to for a sustainable life-style selection, a phase toward round fashion. Together with these changes in values, some other inspirations for searching pre-beloved involve the attempt for individuality and innovative self-expression, a newfound really like for the whiff of nostalgia of previous occasions, and vintage inspiration used by fashion designers in their newest styles.

Quickly fashion is developed en masse, foremost to several folks donning the same outfit. Classic is the alternative reaction to it, providing exclusivity, the opportunity to create their unique model, and offering broader trend independence to defy the trends and expectations established by industry players.

Classic/thrift browsing will allow a new daily life to a garment, continuing its journey. Vintage pieces will final you a great deal more time compared to quick manner counterparts owing to their greater high-quality and care provided. Additionally, their value soars with age, creating them worthwhile investments. In the West, vintage and pre-loved browsing for archival items of famed designers and luxury brands are popular to obtain substantial-top quality luxurious items at very discounted charges. 

Addressing the stigma surrounding second-hand browsing

International stats make it evident that the stigma bordering next-hand clothes has considerably lowered. A 2019 report by analytics business World-wide Knowledge and on line shop Thredup approximated that the utilised manner marketplace will be value $64 billion by 2028 — contrasting with the $44 billion rapid vogue sector. Also, there are nonetheless some fears shared by the people in our state which have been resolved under.

Textile generation contributes much more to local climate adjust than international aviation and shipping and delivery blended.


Textile output contributes a lot more to weather change than worldwide aviation and delivery merged.

There is prejudice hooked up to pre-cherished clothes as hand-me-downs. The issue that pops into the head of people, in particular older generations is why obtain utilised old clothes worn by other folks if you can get new types. In their minds, it accentuates a perception about lacking affordability for new garments. There is also the problem of cleanliness involved.

To handle all these problems, thrift shops go over and past to wash apparel and do repairs if necessary to restore the high quality of the items. The homeowners will curate the goods diligently to be certain that no merchandise is much too aged or worn out. It is fascinating to take note that alongside including to the allure, classic connoisseurs search for symptoms of getting older and have on to ascertain the authenticity of an product. If there is a defect on an merchandise, the vendor will commonly point out it and the price tag of the product or service will mirror so.

As for Bangladesh, there are a lot of shops on Instagram which acquire 2nd-hand apparel and provide them. Some well known shops contain Vintage Ziana, @aesthrift.bd, Dhaka Vintage, Thrift Retailer BD, and innumerable some others. You can discover some wonderful parts for selling prices setting up from Tk 300 to Tk 700.

The guidelines may well differ a bit from shop to shop, but the basic rule of thumb is to guide the parts by way of DMs or remarks as soon as they are posted for sale. These objects run out quickly and there is only one piece offered, so preserve an eye for the timing of the drops. Right before scheduling a piece, make positive the measurements of the garment match your dimension.


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