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Ok this is a funny one : I had originally written this post which was called ‘Diptyque Black Friday’ before Black Friday as I knew a retailer was going to put Diptyque onto a 10% sale for one-day only on Black Friday. This post was originally chatting all about how exciting is was that Diptyque as on sale this year blah blah blah…...and then..

..the Diptyque discount was pulled at the 11th hour because they did NOT want to be involved in Black Friday sales. So I’m switching up this whole post to chat about Diptyque sales, why they don’t *do* Black Friday and how and IF you can ever get a Diptyque discount!

Firstly and foremost, a very brief introduction on diptyque as a brand. I’m sure you all know about them but just in case ….Diptyque is a Paris-born contemporary and pioneering Parfumerie Maison. It was founded in 1961. It emulates authentic luxury that combines fragrance and art. It has become one of the most iconic modern-day fragrance brands with it’s ever-growing collection of scented candles, home fragrance, perfume and body care. 

I know a lot of people try to hunt down Diptyque candle sales, I know I do too, so let’s chat all things Diptyque sales / non-sales and why some brands are harder to find in sale.

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I am a huge Diptyque fan, buyer, wearer and candle-lighter. I have quite an obscene amount of Diptyque in my home from candles of all the sizes, limited edition candles (yes I still have Christmas candles in their boxes from years gone by), fragrances a’ plenty and even some bath and body. I am a Diptyque lover and have been since before this brand became insta-influencer-famous. I purchased my first Diptyque Candle in 2006 and it cost £30!

Nowadays the standard candles cost £54 and Diptyque as a brand has become ever-so-popular and not so niche as it once was. However, it has always had a very high-end and luxurious demeanour , sold in only the most prestigious retailers that reflects Diptyque high values.

Diptyque is sold in a lot of retailers, a few of the top of my head would be Liberty’s, Selfridges, Harrod’s and Space NK. Essentially these shops can dictate what they put into the sale as they have purchased the stock off Diptyque. HOWEVER there will also be agreements about the price and sales etc so Diptyque do still have a reigning force on what happens with their stock. On this occasion, I believe a retailer was going to go with the 10% and Diptyque were not happy with the fact it was going into a Black Friday sale and therefore the retailer has to agree to this. Bottom line is, if there is not agreement on this, Diptyque could pull out of the retailer. I hope that makes sense. 

AND WHY DON’T DIPTYQUE WANT TO GO INTO THE SALES? It’s essentially to protect their brand name. As a luxury, high-end name, they don’t want to lose that air of slight un-obtainability I guess. Diptyque has a certain allure surrounding it.

I also have to say, as much as it’s disappointing when brands do not do sales (Diptyque is one of hundreds and hundreds!) I do get why luxury brands opt to take this stance to protect their brand and how we as consumers see it. They do not NEED to go into sales to sell…..they are friggin Diptyque! Do you know what I mean?!  Other notorious brands that do not go into sale (or very rarely) are Apple, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Byredo, Hermes and Tiffany’s.

diptyque sale does diptyque go on sale


OK. So off the back of Diptyque not being in one single Black Friday sale this year (2022) let’s chat about why it is hard to grab a discount on Diptyque. Side note, they definitely have been in some of the Black Friday sales, as I definitely remember Liberty’s having 10% off last year, so it’s not unheard of. Anyway, Diptyque, along with a lot of other luxury and high-end brands, will not be in sales because they are simply protecting their brand.

All that being said, you can get Diptyque in sales, but it’s more post-seasonal stock and limited editions etc. You have to be lucky and be quick!


Diptyque fragrance

I am a huge fan of the Diptyque fragrances and have been wearing them for nearly 20 whole years now! I still have an old Philosykos in the square bottle packaging – who remembers those?! I am a big fan of the Diptyque Philosykos, Do Son, Eau De Sens and the 34.

If you are buying it as a gift then I would suggest the Diptyque Philosykos, Diptyque 34 or Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau . These are kind of their signature scents. The crowd-pleasers!

Diptyque candles

Wow so many to choose from! My personal favourites are the Amber, Rose and Feu De Bois. Again if you are buying Diptyque as a gift, the safe bets / best-sellers in the candles are the Baies, Rose, Fig and Feu De Bois.

Diptyque do 2 standard sizes of candles which are the 70g (£33) and the 190g (£54) In some of the signature /more popular scents they may do a 300g (£75) with the coloured glass and then also some even bigger ones which come in stunning ceramic jars. They also do the GIANT 4 wick ceramic pot candles which are a huge 1.5kg which cost £265.

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Can you buy Diptyque in the Sale?

They will have seasonal sales, like after Christmas etc you may be lucky to get some sets or limited edition candles if any are left over but it’s not common. It’s definitely even less common to get discount and sale prices on the regular line of Diptyque aka non seasonal and limited edition products. Diptyque are a brand that like to protect their standing as a very luxurious and prestigious brand so they do not go into sale often and when they do it won’t be mega discounts. This can be seen seen by some as cheapening the brand name is there is lots of sales. True story.

Can you get Diptyque samples?

You can be lucky if you go into a shop which sells Diptyque and they have samples. This is ALWAYS by discretion of the retailers and also they will not have sample stock at all times – as everything, it is limited and it depends on when you go in and if they have samples on that day/week.

What you can do though which I think is BRILLIANT and wish other fragrance houses did…each fragrance purchase from the Diptyque website will now include a matching sample. you can then use the sample to test the fragrance on your skin before opening the full-size bottle. Just make sure you don’t rip open the packing on the main bottle as Diptyque will only accept unopened returns within 28 days of original purchase.

What are the best Diptyque candles?

Rose, Fig, Feu De Bois and Baies are the best-selling Diptyque candles. 

What is the best Diptyque fragrance?

This is ALL down to personal taste of course but in terms of the BEST-SELLING Diptyque fragrance, it would be the Philosykos, 34, Do Son and Eau Des Sens.

diptyque sale does diptyque go on sale

diptyque sale does diptyque go on sale

Why is Diptyque expensive?!

They are a luxury fragrance house and always have been. The quality of their ingredients is incredible and the concentration of the fragrance oils is high, hence why the quality is renowned, they last well and the candles are so infamous. The packaging is luxurious and great quality and there are lots of hand-finished touches to make the product you get be the best it can be.

Is Diptyque worth the money?

Absolutely! IMO. Diptyque is a luxury fragrance house and brand. It always has been a more high end price point but the quality absolutely delivers and reflects the price point. I have had many of their candles, perfumes and accessories over the years and I’ve never been disappointed. The quality of their ingredients is always the best, and the concentration of the fragrance oils is high, hence why the quality is good and the candles are so infamous. The packing it of great quality too…it’s special, it’s a joy to have and own and use.

diptyque sale does diptyque go on sale

So I hope that all make sense and answers your questions about Diptyque sales and why it can be hard to track down Diptyque candles etc in the typical sales. My top tips would be to keep your eyes peeled on all the main retailers who stock Diptyque, particularly in the boxing day sales as that’s the best time to get the seasonal Diptyque Christmas candles in the sales. You really have to be quick though!

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