Cup contouring, the latest beauty trend for a flawless makeup look


Any one who loved drawing or coloring as a little one (or adult) is confident to really like this new natural beauty suggestion!

TikTokers are heading insane for the ‘cup contouring’ method as a means to get a flawless complexion and a beautifully contoured deal with.

This new method includes drawing circles – plenty of circles – from the brow to the chin, around the cheeks and the nose, then blending them in to get hold of the final end.

It’s normally reported that contouring is child’s participate in, but we did not feel that TikTokers would choose it actually.

As a result, the new process that is buzzing on the social network appears to be extra like a kid’s pastime than a groundbreaking strategy borrowed from the palms of the best make-up artists.

Nonetheless, ‘cup contouring,’ or the ‘cup contour,’ is gaining very a adhering to on TikTok — so significantly so that some movies currently have millions of sights. Not lousy, for a bit of coloring.

Given the variety of posts on this new technique, it is difficult to pinpoint the specific origin of the pattern.

But the user Serena Lakkiss remains, to this working day, the one particular that has produced it into a viral strike, with no a lot less than 7.8 million views for her original video clip, and almost 700,000 for the final outcome — the strategy getting been demonstrated in two phases.

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And it has evidently led other people to follow suit on the preferred social network of Millennials and Gen Z.

But though you have to admit that the outcome doesn’t precisely look groundbreaking, it is however pretty wonderful — if not mesmerizing — to watch.

To follow the course of action proven by Serena Lakkiss, all you have to have are contouring sticks — or, if you favor, some kind of stamping instrument designed to print circles immediately after getting covered in the item of your choice.

The youthful lady to start with stamps darkish circles all-around the edges of her deal with, as effectively as on her cheekbones, nose and mouth, then repeats the similar method with a lighter shade beneath, or in amongst, the initial circles.

Ultimately, she applies liquid blush — still in circles — on her cheekbones, layered in excess of the previously utilized shades.

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It sounds sophisticated — we concur — but the video clip will aid give you a much better notion of what to do.

All which is left to do subsequent is mix it all in with a Beautyblender-like sponge, then implement a touch of foundation, and voilà.

Nonetheless, there is one not insignificant disadvantage here, in that it’s tricky to differentiate this procedure from typical contouring when it arrives to the result — other than the simple fact that the consumer will probably have used substantially much more time on it.

So though it is aesthetically satisfying, there’s nothing at all definitely innovative about this technique to contouring.

As for the application approach, it varies tremendously from one user to one more. Some craft ‘cup contouring’ layouts worthy of the best functions of artwork — or just about — by filling the deal with absolutely with circles of distinct dimensions. It all depends on the preferred final result, like any other contouring technique.

All that stays now is to test it for yourself. A word of tips, however: make certain you get up early if you never want to be late for operate. 

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