Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation Dewy Finish

Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation

Today’s post is all about Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation Dewy Finish review. Although I have been using this foundation for the past year, it is time to post a review because I love this affordable new foundation. 

The Covergirl clean foundation was introduced about a year ago, and I was tempted to try it out after learning that it does not test on animals, and I was also drawn to its cute packaging. It is also affordable, and I was also trying to find an affordable foundation that would always stay on the shelves of my local drugstore.

As I mentioned in my first foundation blog post, finding makeup for my skin tone has always been challenging, but a few years ago, we were introduced to more shades at the drugstore, and I am pleased about that.

So far, the Cover girl clean foundation is now my new number-one foundation, and now the Maybelline dream foundation, which used to be my favorite, is a close second. The main reason why it is now my second is mainly because of the pricing, and I was paying close to $20 for it. Why pay $20 when you can pay $10? That is why I switched, but if anything were to happen to my beloved Covergirl foundation, I could always go back to Maybelline. 

What is Clean? 

Clean liquid makeup is generally a new terminology introduced a couple of years ago. It is not to be confused with cruelty-free, meaning the product is not tested on animals.

Clean makeup does not contain toxic ingredients that can harm you, such as the carcinogenic ingredients in regular makeup. Not to mention ingredients that can prevent you from bearing children, such as parabens and sulfate.

Another known fact about sanitary products is that they are better for the environment and contain fewer pollutants that can harm our precious planet.

Why It is My Favorite

The Covergirl Clean creamy natural makeup foundation is my go-to for everyday wear. This lightweight foundation goes smooth, blends perfectly, and is excellent for sensitive skin. It is the foundation you use when working around the house and running errands. It makes the skin breathe and is water-based. I say this because it is affordable and can be found for only $10 at your local drugstore.

I also love the finish that gives a consistent matte finish all over the face. You can find it in any skin tone, and it is oil-free. 

Before using this foundation, my favorite was the Maybelline dream foundation, which I mentioned earlier was my perfect shade, and I could find it at the drugstore. 

Now that I have discovered this clean foundation, it has been getting many rave reviews on Tik Tok and Instagram, and it is a winning foundation.


While I love this Covergirl clean liquid foundation, I wouldn’t recommend it for formal events or wearing it for special occasions. I say this especially to those with allergies because I have yet to find a drugstore foundation that can handle allergies. 

I suffer from allergies, have watery eyes as soon as I hit the outdoors, and always need a Kleenex.

The problem with drugstore makeup is that once water touches it, it becomes pigmented and looks like you have a bruise. It is not a good look, especially if you are going out on a date.

I recommend leaving this to wear only when you are indoors and not outside.

Moreover, I would like to give feedback to drugstore makeup brands to improve in this area.

To combat this product defect, I wear a Mac makeup foundation for special occasions or when I must go out.


Ladies, if you are in the market for an affordable foundation that you can easily find at the drugstore, then this Covergirl foundation is for you. The Covergirl skin milk foundation is the perfect foundation you can pair with your favorite Covergirl concealer and makeup primer and finish off with your favorite Covergirl mascara and comes in matte and sensitive formulas. 

I hope this article was helpful, and I would like to hear your opinions on clean liquid foundations in the comments below! Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation Dewy Finish

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