Camden’s 10 Month Update + Schedule

It’s October and baby boy is 10 months old! This age has been so fun. He’s no longer just a blab, but can get around and really feels like part of the family now. Everyday after work I’ll play with him and love on him because I know this time is fleeting and the next thing I know, he’ll be 5 years old. I absolutely love this age and want to soak it all in. His smell, his plump cheeks, his breath, his tiny toes, it’s all so intoxicating. Yes, that’s how much I want to eat him up daily, ha!

We’re officially on a great schedule now that Harper is back in school. We were actually able to switch up our days with our nanny, so it really feels like we’re in a good flow. We’re currently doing 8am-3pm M-Th with our nanny. I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, so I get those little moments throughout the day with Cam, which are my favorite. I should also note, Cam loves our nanny, so it makes all of this so much easier.

New at 10 Months

The development and growth in year one is absolutely insane. I swear he was just a blab last week, lol. Cam is officially crawling! I think it all happened right when he turned 10 months. Little man is getting into everything and pulling up on anything in sight. We have to rethink the house because it feels like we can’t take our eyes off him for one second. We haven’t baby proofed anything yet, really. I think we put tape on a few outlets, but nothing else. Stay tuned to see what we end up doing. Cam developed his pincer grasp, so he’s having fun feeding himself. I can’t forget to mention all the yelling, pointing and babbling he’s doing. He’s getting very vocal and it’s the sweetest thing.

A note on crawling. Not until we made a concerted effort with floor time did Cam really start crawling. Tummy time and time on the floor are absolutely critical for this to develop. Harper only really army crawled and it was later right before she walked, so it wasn’t long. And now I know why – we didn’t dedicate time on the floor. We didn’t dedicate the time with Cam either up until 8-9 months. Once we did that, he got the hang of crawling. So, to any mamas out there trying to get their baby to crawl, it’s all about being on the floor. Start them from the beginning. 


We are still doing 2 naps/day. He’s been giving us 1 good nap and 1 short nap. I was just talking to our nanny and we both said, maybe he’s just never going to be a good napper, lol. He sleeps well at night, can put himself to sleep, and all that, but naps are a struggle bus. We play with his awake time, we have him on the floor getting all his energy out, you name it and naps still aren’t consistent. I mentioned in my last monthly update, it’s not that big of a deal because of his age and being able to be up and happy, but still.


We are still nursing 4x/day and having solids after the first 3 feedings. Cam’s been eating more variety everyday. We give him his Yumi purees, but we also give him whatever we’re eating – eggs, chicken, oatmeal, raviolis, pancakes, salmon, cheese, potatoes, etc. I’m officially the only plant-based eater in our household these days. Cam developed his pincer grasp, so he’s doing a good job feeding himself with some foods.

Awake Time

We are between 3-3.5 hours of awake time (3 in the morning and then gradually increasing). I think I’ve mentioned this before, but if we want to get out of the house to do something as a family, we like to go after his first nap. That way we can all prep ourselves to get out of the house in the morning/while he naps and then once Cam wakes, I’ll feed him, and we’re ready to go. This gives us the most time while we’re out before we have to get home for his nap. We do our best to spend his awake time on the floor playing to really tire him out. Lately, we’ve noticed that a walk or car ride before his nap really settles him down and he’ll go down easier. So we’ll tire him out, feed him solids, and then do a walk or car ride (if we’re running an errand or picking up Harper) right before his nap.


Bedtime has been going smoothly. Awake for 3.5 hours, bath, pajamas, then nurse him in a loud room (to keep him awake), say goodnight to Harper, and then I put him down awake. Usually takes him no more than 10 minutes before he’s asleep. Once he started to crawl, there was one night that he sat himself up in the middle of the night and he was sitting there whining/crying. We figured he’d lay himself down and go back to bed, but when Mike checked the monitor an hour later, he was still sitting in the same position, lol. Mike went in and laid him down, he cried for a bit, but then went back to sleep. After that one night, he never did it again, lol.

Favorites at 10 Months

Nuna REVV Car Seat – We recently got this car seat and absolutely love it! The swivel feature to get Cam in and out of the car seat is a game changer!

Inglesina Table Chair – We’ve been using this every time we leave the house. I prefer this chair over a high chair since it sits right at the table (versus below it with the high chair).

Crate & Kids Walker – We just got this for Cam. It’s cute, neutral, and does the job. We had a similar one with Harper and she loved it.

Best Ride On Cars Fiat 500 Push Car – Cam loves this car! It’s actually well done compared to some of the other push cars I’ve seen. Doors are functional, the wheels move with handle, and there’s foot tray that moves in and out.

Mushi Feeding Bibs – love these! Catches food, cute, and seems comfortable.

10 Month Schedule

6:30am – wakes and plays in crib
7:00am – grab him, change his clothes/diaper, and nurse
7:30am – awake time, go for a walk
8:30am – solids
9:30am – Nap 1

10:30am – wake and nurse
11:00am – play
12:30pm  – solids/lunch
2:00pm – Nap 2

3:00pm – wake and nurse
3:30pm – play
4:30pm – solids/dinner
6:10pm – nurse
6:30pm – bedtime

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