Best Products for Hair Growth and Thickness

Best Products for Hair Growth and Thickness

Today’s blog post will be about the Best Products for Hair Growth and Thickness. I decided to blog about this because, after realizing the power of hair oils that aid in hair growth, it would do justice to create an article about this subject. Many factors can contribute to boosting hair growth in one’s regimen. One of the elements needed to do this starts from within, with your diet and nutrition. I also want to mention that I have recently taken a nutrition course with an accredited physical personal training school, which has benefited me, and I am so glad I took it.

We will also cover some of the best hair products to promote hair growth and discuss implementing the proper regimen to speed up the growth process. So, if you are interested in learning more about some of these methods I have used to boost growth, continue reading!


How I Learned About Hair Growth Products  

As you read this article, you may wonder how I discovered hair products that work. It all started around one year ago when I wanted to try to apply a serum to my scalp daily. I would notice that my scalp would tingle and did not know why it was tingling.

Later I looked up online why my scalp was tingling, and I found that it was my scalp being stimulated by the serum that I put into, which I believe had castor oil and aloe vera gel. However, I knew that serums were probably not the best option for my scalp, mainly because they are water-based and caused scalp irritation and reverted my hair.

I then decided to invest in some hair oils that promote hair growth. I also learned about a few hair products, such as shampoo and conditioner that aid in hair growth and a serum that you can rinse out before shampooing to avoid scalp irritation. More on these products later.

Best Oils That Promote Hair Growth

Castor Oil

First, we will start with hair oils, which boost hair growth. Like I said earlier, I started using hair oils after discovering that hair serums stimulate the blood vessels in my scalp.

Castor oil is a primary carrier oil for promoting and boosting hair growth. While there are other oils on the market, castor oil is the oil that is mainly recommended on the world wide web.

I started using this coinciding with the use of wild growth oil. You must wait to apply wild growth oil every three days. I utilize the other days to apply my other oils to my scalp.

You can find the best Jamaican black castor oil at your local beauty supply in various scents and concoctions. My personal favorite is the peppermint and lavender fragrance.

Wild Growth Hair Oil

The tried-and-true hair oil I recommend to someone looking for a good hair growth oil is the Wild growth hair oil. I have been using this oil for the past year, which has doubled my hair growth rate I was able to tell by measuring the new growth that I had after a year of not relaxing my hair and measured it at the demarcation line. I usually get around 3 inches per year due to a thyroid condition that slows down hair growth. Nevertheless, now that I have tested and tried the wild growth oil, I have seen 6 inches of growth. So, if you typically get 6 inches a year, you will benefit from getting 12 inches instead!


This oil has all the necessary ingredients and a history of promoting hair growth. It contains Oils of Coconut, Olive Oil, Jojoba, Rice Bran, and Cocoa oil, to name a few. To prove that this product works, I can attest to it stimulating my scalp after using it and massaging it with a scalp massager.

Cons of Hair Oils

Although there are many benefits of using oils to promote hair growth, it has many caveats. For one, after using oils in your hair for a few days after washing it and styling it in straight styles, it tends to weigh the hair down and makes it look greasy and unappealing. So, if you plan to wear your hair in a slicked-back hairstyle, such as a bun or ponytail, you may opt for this option instead.

Another disadvantage is that the odor from the wild growth oil is a scent that some may not be able to tolerate. To ease this smell, I had sided that it smells more like the Noxzema facial cleanser I used as a kid. Keeping this in mind, you may be more attracted to this fragrance.

Hair Products that Promote Hair Growth

Some of the newer products I have discovered that can aid in hair growth is using a shampoo and conditioner. I have always wanted to try a shampoo and conditioner that specifies this, and finally, I was approached by the hair company Vegamour. They gifted me with a few of their products, and I am so glad they did this!

I received the Vegamour Shampoo and Conditioner and a serum you apply before rinsing your hair, whether before shampooing or conditioning the hair. Then, just if the hair is damp, you can rinse the serum.

So far, I am a massive fan of this product, and I never want it to run out. The price range for these products is somewhat on the high end, but you can think of it as more of an investment in yourself as you are investing in high-quality products.

I particularly like the aroma of the shampoo and conditioner and could feel the scalp stimulation after using it. I would not say that it could replace the boost in hair growth I get from the oils, but it is a product you want to add to your regimen along with the hair growth oils. Overall, I give this product a 9 out of 10.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review about some of the best products for 4c hair growth to boost your hair growth journey. We discussed the benefits of some of my favorite hair oils that provide fast hair growth oil for black hair and what some of these oils consist of in the ingredient list. I would also recommend these oils as they are the best oils for low porosity hair growth, in my opinion.

I also reviewed my review of a newer hair growth collection by Vegamour, a vegan hair growth product and a clean beauty brand, and would recommend this line to anyone willing to invest in hair growth products with the environment in mind and personal health benefits. They also have the best shampoo for African American hair growth.

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