Batiste Dry Shampoo Review in Fruity and Cheeky Cherry Scent

Batiste dry shampoo review in fruity and cheeky cherry.

“Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go – there’s a BATISTE dry shampoo to lushify your locks and liberate your life.”

I wonder how this epiphany never dawned upon me until my recent trip to Europe. Just before leaving for the tour, I got my hair chemically treated. The idea was to make my hair smooth and shiny for the trip. But the treatment turned them into a greasy droopy mess instead.

I was devastated.

Had the misadventure occurred on some other occasion, I would have coped with it. But this happened right before my life’s best vacation. When I was in no way mentally prepared to deal with it. Yet I didn’t want to spoil my dream holiday fussing over the scrappy state of my hair.

I’ll wing it, I thought to myself, fantasizing about purchasing my favourite dry shampoo (read Klorane) from a famed French pharmacy and blitzing all the blubber off my locks. Quite luckily for me, our Europe itinerary started with Paris, France, the mecca of life-changing skin and hair care products.

The eight-hour-long flight from Delhi to Paris was enough to throw off my mane into an oil mine. “What have you done to your hair? You look repulsively gooey!” whispered my husband just as we arrived at Charles de Gaulle, Paris. If he hadn’t been my husband, I would have sent him straight on a one-way trip to the moon!

Deservedly so, the very next morning I strolled down the street to reach the nearest pharmacy. The need to refresh my roots was real. But before we could locate a drugstore, we found Carrefour at the edge of the street. Walking into what I can now only describe as a wonderland of French goodness, I discovered Batiste Dry Shampoo – a drugstore superhero and beauty editor’s cult fave.

How did Batiste dry shampoo help solve my greasy hair woes after chemical straightening treatment; read my review to know.

Batiste dry shampoo in fruity and cheeky cherry Review

Batiste offers multiple fragrance options and functional variants to choose from depending on your unique needs and scent choices. I picked up the fruity and cheeky cherry variant as I personally lean more towards fresh and fruity flavours.

Describe the brand in three words:

Haircare. Drugstore. British.

What is it?

A dry shampoo that instantly refreshes dull roots and lifts oily, limp hair. The shampoo is designed to stretch your style/hair wash to the second, third, fourth and sometimes even fifth and seventh day without the use of liquid/water.

What’s in it?

Basically, made from rice starch, Batiste dry shampoo contains Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Oryza sativa starch, Alcohol denat, Parfum, Distearyldimonium chloride and Cetrimonium chloride.

What’s not in it?

Parabens, sulphates, aluminium, copper, ammonia.

And even though this dry shampoo doesn’t carry any harmful or allergy-causing ingredients, as far as styling products go, my priority isn’t always the ingredients. For me, how well a styling product performs and functions is always more important.

Who is it for/what is it good for?

Travellers, girls with keratin or chemically treated hair, gym-goers/fitness freaks, and anyone who wants to instantly refresh their hair in-between washes.

How does it smell?

Smells of fresh cherries with just a little hint of sweet floral.

How do you use it?

Shake the can and spray it into your roots from a foot away. Massage the area with your fingers to evenly distribute a light veil of the product into your target area. Now comb and style as you want.

A little goes a long way so I always start just with only a mist of the spray and gradually build on as required for the full effect.

What’s good about it?

It works.

The starch content is clearly evident and it sucks up grease and gunk like a pro!

I’ve tried many dry shampoos before and trust me this is justifiably one of the most loved dry shampoos across the world. Unlike other dry shampoos, this one really gets the job done and that too without leaving any white residue or powder.

My hair feels instantly refreshed and voluminous after using this dry shampoo. The roots appear less dirty even though not as clean as with real shampoo. But the fact that how quickly and effectively it lifts up my limp, oily strands makes it a great travel staple.

Its delightful fruity fragrance is another plus. The sweet cherry scent lingers on for a while masking any foul odour and lifting your mood.

Retailing at €3.99 for 200 ml, it is massively affordable compared to its competition. And hence giving you amazing value for your money.

What’s bad about it?

Honestly, I haven’t found anything yet. And you know I always try!

Would I repurchase/buy it again?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Because it effectively revitalizes oily roots, is weightless on the hair, has an appeasing fragrance and is amazingly reasonably priced.

Do you need this?


  • If you’re travelling and you don’t want to spend time washing and styling every other morning.
  • If you want to stretch or prolong your style in between washes.
  • If you have colour or chemically-treated hair and you want to protect your treatment from fading away with frequent washes.
  • And finally for those last-minute plans when there’s not enough time to shower.

My personal experience with the product

Now that two months have gone by, I can wholeheartedly say that I’m in love with my chemically straightened hair.

Thanks to Batiste dry shampoo, I can go days without washing it and it looks just fine. With just a few spritzes, this dry shampoo promptly invigorates my nasty-smelling mid-week greasy hair into fresh, bouncy tresses smelling of fresh cherries and sweet flowers.

And the best part, it feels like wearing nothing. It has zero weight and leaves no white cast or residue. At the cost at which it comes – highly recommended!

R2B rating: 5/5

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