Sydney Airport and Heinemann will jointly introduce Australia’s first domestic terminal “department store” concept next July at T2 and T3.

Spanning 1765sqm in T2 and 506sqm in T3, the new retail space’s offerings range from apparel, accessories, watches, jewellery, perfumes, and wines to spirits.

While the T2 store targets leisure travellers and the younger customer base with product categories such as designer streetwear and niche fragrances, the T3 store will have a more “elegant and sophisticated” design, and a retail offering centred on gifting, as well as premium and luxury fashion, accessories, and cosmetics brands that will appeal to discerning customers and seasoned business travellers.

“Heinemann delivered a strong vision for what we wanted to achieve, and it was a natural fit to extend our partnership to T2 and 3 to provide a cohesive, high-quality shopping experience across the airport,” said Mark Zaouk, executive GM at Sydney Airport.

Heinemann will manage the stores on a five-year concession, expanding its footprint from its present duty-free concession at the T1 International Terminal, which runs through 2029.

“The possibilities in a domestic retail offer are extremely exciting – we are now able to offer more brands and value-added services like home delivery, all enhancing the customer experience,” said George Tsoukalas, MD of Heinemann Australia. 

Heinemann’s whole domestic airport product selection will be accessible on its website. In addition to its international duty-free stores, the domestic terminal shops also include delivery and click-and-collect services.

Last month, Heinemann Australia opened its new stores in Gold Coast Airport’s expanded terminal, after announcing the expansion earlier this year in March.

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