<strong>Are You Looking For Your Favorite Wig? Try On These Wigs of Luvme Hair: Brown Wigs, Bob Lace Front Wigs & Human Hair Bundles</strong>
<strong>Are You Looking For Your Favorite Wig? Try On These Wigs of Luvme Hair: Brown Wigs, Bob Lace Front Wigs & Human Hair Bundles</strong>

Choosing your favorite wig is overwhelming. There are different types, styles, textures or colors of wigs. Here, I want to mention three great pieces of the Luvme Hair’s collection: brown wigs, bob lace front wigs and human hair bundles. Try on these wigs. Maybe they are your favorite wig that you have been looking for.  

Luvme Hair designs and develops its wigs, taking into consideration the specific needs and wishes of women. Each of our wigs are developed elaborately and innovatively. They are game-changer wigs and give you power, confidence and radiance. Our sole purpose is to contribute to your hair beauty. On the other hand, we know very well how hard you earn your money. For that reason, we try to keep our wigs as affordable as possible.  Once you get to know our wigs, I am sure that you will fall in love with them. And, you can make sure that you buy high-quality 100 % human hair wigs from us at very affordable prices. 

Now, let us learn about the browns wigs, bob lace front wigs and human hair bundles of Luvme Hair.  

1. Why Should You Choose Brown Wigs?

Statistics show that more than three-fourths of the world population have dark brown hair and nearly 11 % of them have light brown hair. We can infer from these statistics that the color brown is a common and classical hair color. With brown wigs, you can have different shades and tones of brown color. If you are a lover of classical styles and do not want to risk trying some exceptional colors, you can easily choose brown wigs. 

2. Different Shades and Tones of Brown Wigs 

Dark Brown Wigs 

As I said above, dark brown is the most common hair color. You can try on dark brown wigs to have this classical color. 

Light Brown Wigs 

Light brown is another common and classical color. You can try on these wigs to experience a different shade of brown wigs. 

Brown Wigs With Highlights 

To add color and variety to your brown wig, you can try on these wigs. 

Chocolate Brown Wigs 

If you want to add some extremeness to your brown wig, you can try on these wigs. 

Dark Chocolate Brown Wigs

If you want a much more extreme color, you can try on these wigs. 

Ginger Brown Wigs 

If you want to add reddishness and warmness to your brown wig, you can try on these wigs. 

Ombre brown, reddish brown, chestnut brown and dark copper red are other brown wigs you can try on. 

3. Brown Wigs of Luvme Hair 

Luvme Hair offers you brown wigs in different types, styles and textures. Let us look at them closely. 


  • 4×4 Closure Wigs 
  • 5×5 Closure Wigs 
  • Lace Front Wigs 
  • Headband Wigs 
  • T Part Wigs 
  • Minimalist Lace Wigs 
  • Throw on & Go Wigs 

Textures and Styles

  • Deep Wave 
  • Loose Wave
  • Straight 
  • Curly 
  • Kinky Curl 
  • Bob
  • Bangs 

Choose your favorite shade, type and texture and experience the privilege of wearing Luvme Hair’s brown wigs. 

4. Another Great Choice For You: Bob Lace Front Wigs 

These wigs are truly charming, charismatic and natural. I am sure that you will be fascinated by the bob lace front wigs of Luvme Hair. With these wigs, you will truly look professional and charismatic. What is more, nobody will notice that you are wearing a wig. Thanks to the natural hairline ensured by these wigs, you will have the ultimate joy of wearing a stylish wig without having the fear of being noticed. 

5. Installing Your Bob Lace Front Wig

  • You can apply some brush spray to the lace so that it can match your skin color. 
  • Style and part the wig as you wish on a wig head. 
  • Put on the wig and cut and adjust the lace in accordance with your natural hairline. 
  • Apply some glue along with your hairline and stick the lace to your forehead using a blow dryer. 
  • Take your time while doing this and do your best for a natural hairline. 
  • Make the final adjustments and enjoy wearing your wig. 

6. Bob Lace Front Wigs of Luvme Hair 

Luvme Hair offers you short and medium-length bob lace front wigs. You can have natural black, brown, flaming orange mixed color options. There are different styles for you such as short cut, blunt cut or smooth blunt cut. These wigs are undetectable and invisible. Luvme Hair has very special wigs for you. For example, Soft & Sleek HD Bob Lace Wigs is one of the rarest pieces of these wigs. 

7. Why Choose Human Hair Bundles? 

It is possible for you to prefer human hair bundles rather than wigs. Firstly, let me kindly remind you that installing bundles is a time-consuming and tiring process. You also need a hairstylist to have them installed. However, you can prefer human hair bundles for a fuller and more voluminous look. In addition to this, you can wear them for up to 6-8 weeks after the installation. You choose human hair bundles for these advantages.  

8. Human Hair Bundles of Luvme Hair

You can buy our human hair bundles as 1 piece or 3 pieces. In terms of texture options, we have straight, curly and deep wave options. Our bundles are 100 % virgin hair and of the highest quality. 

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