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Norwegian bedrooms are the perfect spaces to tuck in after a tiring day. Like all other rooms within a Norwegian house, the bedrooms are also designed to give the highest comfort and warmth. The best ones give you a sense of relaxation when you enter. Norwegian tables are another popular demand among visitors, so make sure to search about them too.

All standard Scandinavian rooms are made by following a general theme that has made them famous for their unique interior. If you plan on purchasing a house in Norway, then pay attention to whether its rooms contain these features: 

  • Color

When designing a room, the first detail which comes to mind is the color scheme. It plays the primary role in achieving the required look. Bedrooms in Norway follow one of two themes; Dark or Light. You will find both prevalent in any Norwegian’s room. 

The dark color palette gives depth and warmth to the space, instantly making one cozy and sleepy. Hues of black or blue are usually included.

The rooms which are painted light are more common and preferred by the people. This shade of the walls naturally lights up the room and gives a calming effect. These rooms are styled in warm white, cream, and brown tones. 

  • Furniture 

The size and style of the beds are not specified, and one is free to choose whatever they like. The materials used and textures added make a Norwegian room seem like one. Light-colored wood is commonly seen in the bed frame and occupies most of the floor space. Closets and dressing tables are additional accessories and can be along the modern or vintage theme. You will also find coat stands in 

their rooms. 

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  • Materials 

A Norwegian bedroom is incomplete without fluffy blankets, duvets, carpets, and a ton of soft pillows. The materials used are feathery to the touch and extremely comfortable for sleeping. The bedspreads and cushion covers have different textures, like crumples, lines, and dots. This variety of fabric is an outstanding feature of Scandinavian-style bedrooms.  The colors of these sheets blend in with the wall paints and luxurious floor mats. 

  • Plants 

You will not find any Norwegian person’s room devoid of greenery. Many people keep small pots in their rooms to keep the air fresh and clean. This element is in line with the Nordic climate and culture. 

  • Decor

Norwegian people like to keep the decorations minimal and straightforward. The furnishings chosen serve some purpose in addition to adding a lavish look, such as stylish bookshelves and mirrors. 


You cannot deny the plush interior of Norwegian bedrooms. The design and styles are precisely selected to maximize comfort and convenience. The cold air of Norway means that a cozy interior is necessary for warming up and going to sleep. And the people of Norway ensure that leaving their snug bedrooms is a real challenge to overcome in the morning. 

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