15 Top Things To Do In Spain For An Incredible Holiday In 2021!

Are you planning on visiting Spain this year? Well, here are 5 fun things you can do there to make your holiday even better!

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The rich Spanish culture, art, and cuisine offer an amazing holiday experience you will surely remember. To make it even better though, here are 5 things you should do when visiting this beautiful country:

  1. Shop till you Drop!

Regardless of what country you visit, shopping is an essential activity. From small neighborhood stores to world-famous Spanish brands, you can virtually find it all in Spain. However, due to the rise in tourism over recent years, the local shopkeepers tend to charge you a bit more than the retail price. To avoid this, you can try shopping online. 

While browsing online, you can use review platforms like OpinionesEspana to get honest customer reviews of a product or service. This will help you in making a well-informed decision. Not only will you be saving a trip to the town, but you will also be shopping safely. It’s also a great idea to learn more about online shopping and finding Spanish stores that are tourist friendly and honest in their dealings. That way you will probably have better experiences on your holiday.

  1. Enjoy Local Cuisine

In a new country, you might be tempted to try something more familiar but we advise you to consume the local cuisine as it is a big part of the experience. There are a plethora of different flavors you will find in Spanish cuisine. Dishes like Paella, Patatas Bravas, Gazpacho, and Jamon will put you in a culture shock you will not be coming out of anytime soon.

  1. Bask in Natural Beauty

As a country, Spain has one of the best natural wonders you will ever behold. From imposing mountain areas to glistening beaches covered with turquoise waters, Spain has a lot to offer in terms of beauty.

While in Spain, you should visit Somiedo Natural Park (a mountain wildlife haven), Cabo De Gata-Nijar Natural Park (a volcanic landscape in southern Andalusia), and Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park (a landscape of lakes).

  1. Travel Like a Spaniard

Some may be surprised to know that Spain is a complex bus and train system running throughout all its major cities. There is also a Metro Service available. This means you can travel from town to town and from city to city in a very efficient and inexpensive manner. Using public transport in Spain will also present an opportunity to mingle and converse with the local people.

  1. Practice your Spanish!

Whether you already know a bit of Spanish or if you’ve never studied the language, this is the perfect opportunity to learn the language. Spaniards are very welcoming and hospitable people. However, if they hear you speaking their native language that will bring an immense smile to their face. Not only will you be able to have interesting conversations but you will also be able to get around the cities and villages quite easily.

Keep in mind though, there are some regions in Spain where Basque, Catalan, and Galician are also predominantly spoken as first languages.


Spain as a holiday destination has a lot to offer in the first place. But with these above-mentioned activities, your trip to this beautiful country will be that much more memorable.