These days, beards come in many wonderful shapes and sizes. From well-crafted facial fuzz to the mighty modern man mane (try saying that five times fast)—and everything in between—if you’re lucky enough to have beard-growing capabilities, the sky really is the limit.

But, while there are plenty of beard styles out there to play with, without a proper grooming regime, you’ll never reach your full beardy potential. Enter the beard brush.

The best beard brush for your skin type or hair type will transform your facial fuzz from average to epic with a few swift (but regular) strokes.

When your beard gets to a certain length, it can become itchy, coarse, and unruly—not to mention the appearance of the dreaded beard-druff. It’s enough to make you book in with the barber and go for a wet shave. But, luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way (because we have the tips you need).

Best Beard Brushes to Tame Your Beard
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A men’s beard brush will not only help you tame your man mane and help you style it to perfection, but it will help you exfoliate your skin, get rid of itchiness, prevent beard-druff, and make your beard look fuller. It may not grant you three wishes, but the almightly beard brush will solve almost all your problems. 

If you’re a facial hair enthusiast looking to level up your beard game, a brush is, without a doubt, one of the best investments you’ll ever make. And, guess what? We’ve scoured the mighty internet for the best brushes for the modern gent.

These products are the best of the best right now and we’re going to tell you a little about them. Read on to find the best beard brush for you.

The best beard brushes for the modern gent

Crafted with the magic combination of pear wood and boar bristles, this handheld brush for beard lovers is slick, compact, and is designed for gents with coarse, dry beards by helping to distribute natural beard oils across the face—Bye-bye flaky skin.

Seven Potions Beard Brush

What we like

  • It has a cool, almost ornamental look that will look great on any bathroom counter. 
  • Its exfoliating boar bristles will help keep the beard-druff at bay. 
What we don’t like

  • The handle is a little clunky and maybe a little long for some men. 

This versatile little beard brush has two sides to work with: the rough and the smooth. As the Jekyll & Hyde of beard brushes, this streamlined creation offers the tools to exfoliate the skin and tame coarser hairs while shaping and smoothing the beard for a smooth finish. Oh, and it also doubles up as a (head) hairbrush.

Diane Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its 2 and 1 beard styling capabilities
  • It has a long comfortable, practical handle
What we don’t like

  • The soft side may be a little too soft for some beards

Arguably the best beard brush for the modern jet setter or road tripper, the Every Man is portable, cruelty-free, and comes with a handy travel case. Its ultra-soft bristles are capable of styling every kind of beard, and as it’s made in San Francisco, this beard brush is cool in every kind of way.

Every Man Jack Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its PETA approved, cruelty-free design means you will put your money in the right place
  • The ultra-cool travel case will help any man travel in style
What we don’t like

  • The number of bristles might be too sparse for longer beards

This innovative creation made it into our ultimate men’s beard brush list because it’s heated (yes, you did read that correctly). The Kuschelbar is made with negative ion technology (fancy), which means that it smooths and hydrates beard hair simultaneously. If you have a long man mane in serious need of taming, this is probably the best beard brush for you.

 KUSCHELBÄR Heated Beard Straightener Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its superior beard straightening powers
  • It’s warming, softening abilities to combat even the toughest beards
What we don’t like

  • The need to plug this in might be a little long-winded for everyday use and inconvenient to travel with

An excellent all-rounder, the Billy Jealousy beard brush is robust, easy to grip, and offers a balanced mix of skin-soothing exfoliation and beard shaping capabilities. Oh, and these brushes also come with good quality branded beard wash that will keep your facial fuzz shining and healthy.

Billy Jealousy Devils Delight Beard Brush

What we like

  • It has sturdiness and reliability to last you for years to come
  • At this price point its great value for money
What we don’t like

  • The appearance isn’t as exciting as some of the other brushes on our list

Let’s face it, Zeus had one of the mightiest beards in Greek mythology. This slick little brush not only works the face well but its streamlined design is geared towards beard-sporting gents looking to make their mustache the centerpiece of their mane. It also comes with a tidy travel bag.

Zeus Boar Bristle Beard Brush

What we like

  • Handy ergonomic pear wood handle works for just about anyone
  • Minimalist design will fit perfectly into anyone’s lifestyle
What we don’t like

  • The brush is not robust enough for thicker or longer beards

As one of the world’s oldest and most experienced beard brush makers, Kent knows a thing or two about taming beards of all shapes and sizes. Made from a mix of boar hair and nylon, the Kent PF22 exfoliates the skin while helping to promote growth in slightly patchier areas—magic.

Kent PF22 Oval Men Military Hair Brush

What we like

  • Its cool oval handheld design
  • Its hair maintaining and regenerating bristles
What we don’t like

  • The fact that its bristles aren’t 100% natural

A beard brush made from 100% natural wood and slightly softer boar hair bristles is a piece of luxury one can truly own. The Cremo is one classy piece to add to your grooming kit. Made to soften the skin underneath the beard, this brush will give you a healthy, glowing beard to wear with pride.

Cremo Boar Bristle Beard Brush

What we like

  • The brush has an original rectangular handheld design, making it feel familiar 
  • The smooth, soothing bristles make even the most tangled beards an easy job 
What we don’t like

  • It looks good, but you could accidentally mistake it for a shoe brush making the design a little unoriginal

This small rounded men’s beard brush is the ultimate travel companion and its black walnut finish is nothing short of epic. Another excellent travel brush, the miniature BFWood works brilliantly with high-quality beard oils to deliver a fully groomed finish.

Bfwood Boar Bristle Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its compact design and walnut finish
  • Its forgiving natural textures
What we don’t like

  • It is so small you could lose it quite easily or spend hours fumbling through your toiletry bag

Crafted with a hint of precision German engineering, the small yet powerful ZilberHaar boasts an excellent handheld design coupled with stiff yet forgiving bristles that exfoliate the skin, promote hair growth, and can shape even the most stubborn of beards.

Zilberhaar Stiff Boar Bristle Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its powerful but natural bristles
  • Its compact handle-based design
What we don’t like

  • The natural bristles may not hold up against long or very thick beards

Yes, this is a decidedly vegan beard brush made with oiled Tampico cactus fibers. Not only is this men’s beard brush eco-friendly and cruelty-free, but it’s easy to hold and works to maintain every type of beard out there—a perfectly green all-rounder. 

Vegetal Bristles Beard Brush

What we like

  • The brush has a unique and natural finish
  • The sustainable ethos and design make you feel like your money is being spent in the best way possible 
What we don’t like

  • Its bristles aren’t quite as versatile as others on the list. Men with longer or thicker beards may have to work slightly harder

With edgy gothic looks and a rugged curved design, the Rock Mountain beard brush is tough, durable, and built for easy everyday maintenance. This brush is compact, but it’s a beast ready to withstand even the most windswept and twig-filled beards. Its natural bristles are also perfect for keeping skin healthy while whipping wavy beards into shape.

Rocky Mountain Black Boar Hair Natural Bristle Beard Brush

What we like

  • The brush is built for every man’s lifestyle, even the toughest ones
  • Its rugged design and tough bristles are still gentle on the skin
What we don’t like

  • Its bristle density can prove a little too much for some bearded gents

The GranNaturals sports a classic handled brush aesthetic, and its all-natural bristles suit fine, thin or thick beard hair. With medium-grade bristles, this is the beard brush for best achieving tidy edges and a naturally neat finish.

GranNaturals Men Boar Bristle Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its classic look and ergonomic handle
  • Its detangling and beard nourishing qualities
What we don’t like

  • It’s not as good as exfoliating the skin like other options on the market

The G.B.S mustache and beard combo boast a chunky natural wood top that fits neatly in the palm as well as natural bristles that are excellent for removing dead skin and dirt while massaging the face. A perfect option for everyday use if you have sensitive skin.

Gbs Men Beard And Mustache Beard Brush

What we like

  • A sturdy, hard-to-drop handle
  • Its tough dirt-removing features make keeping the skin healthier easier
What we don’t like

  • Gents with longer beards might need something a little larger 

WAHL is a hair and grooming superbrand that needs little introduction. As trusted hair professionals, this brand is known for its range of top-notch grooming products—and its palm-held beard brush is no exception. This brush features a boar bristle brush that is excellent for untangling and shaping.

Wahl Small Travel Beard Brush

What we like

  • It’s dark natural wood finish
  • Its versatile handheld design from a trusted brand 
What we don’t like

  • Considering it’s marketed as a travel brush, it’s not quite as compact as some of its competitors

With this brush, it’s not just the natural boar bristles, the bamboo handle, or superior exfoliating qualities that gives the Beardoholic its spot in our best beard brush list—it’s also its super cool logo that sits proud as a peacock on the bottom of the handle. This is an excellent men’s beard brush for coarse, dry facial manes.

Beardoholic Black Boar Bristles Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its inviting black bamboo finish and superior logo (looks can be important)
  • Its ability to soften coarse beards
What we don’t like

  • This brush isn’t quite as powerful on softer, tangle-prone, fine beard hair

The Viking Revolution beard brush comes as part of a whole grooming kit – a major bonus if you’re just starting on your beard journey. But, the fact that as a standalone brush, the Viking Revolution stands up with the best of them, and its price point is more than fair makes this a top choice for everyday beard styling purposes.

Viking Revolution Beard Kit

What we like

  • Its natural sandalwood finish
  • It’s excellent value for money, whether just starting your beard crusade or looking to up your beard routine
What we don’t like

  • The beard brush isn’t available to purchase on its own. If you don’t want to use the brand’s additional grooming products, buying the kit might not be worth it


Made in partnership with BASS brushes, this boar bristled beauty is a brush for beard care that is great for adding volume to beards that lack a bit of life. Soft yet sturdy, these bristles will make your face feel smooth while adding a little pizzazz to your beard.

Professor Fuzzworthy Deluxe Beard Brush

What we like

  • Its amazing name and varnished wood finish will seamlessly fit into your grooming routine 
  • Its volumizing properties
What we don’t like

  • It isn’t as effective at clearing beard dirt as some other brushes

What to look for in a beard brush
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What to look for in a beard brush

When you’re looking for a men’s beard brush, there are certain things you should look for to avoid buying something that falls apart within days or rips your face to shreds. To lead you to beard brush glory, here are the top three considerations you should make.

1. Ergonomics

In this context, ergonomics is really a fancy word for handheld convenience. Sometimes untangling or grooming your beard takes time, so you should always choose a design that appears comfortable and is easy to grip.

2. Natural bristles

While some good synthetic brushes are out there, as a general rule of thumb, it pays to choose a beard brush with natural bristles. Natural products, preferably made from boar bristles, are kinder to the skin, more robust, and promote natural blood flow that aids growth.

3. Shape

Depending on your face shape or hair type, the style of the brush you choose counts. If you have a round face, for instance, a wider brush will offer better coverage. Plus, if you’re looking to add more volume, an oval or rectangular brush will work wonders.

Beard shape
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    • To get face-soothing, head-turning results from your beard brush, you should start by brushing your beard out in full to get rid of any tangles, starting at the roots and working your way down.

      If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should brush your entire beard with shorter, slightly sharper strokes to release any dead skin before one final long brush to completely cleanse your mane. Brushing after you’ve shampooed your beard is also recommended.

      • Daily brushing is recommended to keep your beard in tip-top shape and your skin silky smooth, but there is a limit.

        However, brushing more than twice a day is likely to irritate the sebaceous glands, leading to oily roots and a need to wash your beard hair more often.

        • To clean your beard brush and ensure it’s well maintained, you can simply place it in a bowl of warm water with a dollop or two of shampoo added and leave it for an hour or so.

          This simple process will remove any buildup and extend the life of your brush. Doing this on a fortnightly basis should be fine, but you can clean your brush weekly if you wish.


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