17 Y2K Accessories To Keep Your Throwback Fashion On Point This Summer

ByLucinda C. Bard

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Love it or hate it, Y2K fashion is here to stay and slay. This nostalgic trend has hit celebrities hard, and it’s coming for us regular folks too. Am I going to be spotted out and about in a micro-mini skirt paired with a sequined butterfly crop top any time soon? No, they don’t really fit my personal aesthetic. But the spirit of the Y2K fashion revival is certainly something I can get behind, especially with all the cute Y2K accessories making their return to the mainstream.

The early aughts were all about bright colors, happiness expressed literally via smiley faces and cartoon flowers, and guileless excitement. The vibe was young, fun, and imperfect, which is ideal when you’re mixing and matching trends on a budget. You don’t have to be decked in head-to-toe velour to bring Y2K to life. Getting your foot in the door of this trend is as easy as layering some cute beaded necklaces and slapping on a few pastel hair clips.

Because the vibe is so immediately recognizable, you really only need one or two pieces to add a layer of ‘00s fashion to your wardrobe. Y2K-esque jewelry and hair accessories are the fastest ways to infuse any look with a major dose of the year 2000, but you can also test the waters with a pair of platform slides — hello, Regina George — or a transparent neon mini purse.

Ahead, you’ll find 17 retro, Y2K accessories to keep you partying like it’s 2000 all summer long. Shop, scroll, and should you need some inspo on how to wear these early aughts-inspired staples, check out Elite Daily’s Going Home Issue cover shoot featuring Ms. Marvel herself, Iman Vellani, decked out in Y2K accessories, including one of the fun and affordable items below.

We at Elite Daily only include products that have been independently selected by our editors. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

There is perhaps no accessory that screams Y2K quite as loudly as a handful of butterfly clips. This set of 10 from Urban Outfitters is reclaimed, so no new plastic was created to bring these trendy, retro little clips to life.

While this backpack from Forever 21 certainly can’t hold more than a half dozen Tamagotchis, it definitely has enough space for your wallet, keys, cell phone, and a few other “night out with the crew” essentials.


‘00s Throwback Belly Chain

Remember body chains? I do. I also agree with Remi Bader on this one. The TikTok fashion icon told Elite Daily recently, “I feel like it would add so much to an outfit. Super cute.” This belly chain from ASOS features a series of itty bitty rainbow charms that echo the popular beads Y2K fashion splashed all over everything. This chain is giving ’00s playfulness with a nightlife edge. At $10, why not take it for a spin?


Nostalgic Smiley Face Barettes

Smiley faces, the forebearers of emojis back in the times of AOL Instant Messenger (if you don’t know, don’t ask anyone, you’re guaranteed to make your elders feel, well, old), were everywhere in the early aughts and they’re back with a vengeance, baby. These colorful barrettes come in a pack of six for less than $10, and while I can’t promise they smell like scented erasers from years gone by, that’s certainly the vibe.


Retro Shiny Baguette Bag

Bags were smaller back in the day, but they made up for it by being really, really shiny. This baguette bag from SHEIN perfectly illustrates that Y2K purse principle: high gloss, slightly impractical, but gets the job done.


Y2K-Inspired Hoop Earrings

A chunky hoop in a jelly candy color might seem like a weirdly specific niche, but you’re about to start seeing them everywhere. This pair, designed by 8 Other Reasons, feature a two-tone gradient ombre and are made of resin so it won’t weigh down your lobes.


Nostalgic Pearl Beaded Necklace

Bright pastels were everywhere in the early aughts. We had bright pastel markers, stickers, and, of course, brightly beaded necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. This real freshwater pearl necklace from Rellery is a more subdued take on the Y2K fashion trend. It’s still very much a sign of those times, but with this more subtle necklace, you can bring the playful vibe to the office as well as to brunch.


Early Aughts Stretchy Ring Set

Back in the day, the cool kids only wore stretchy jewelry and that included on our hands. This set of three stretchy rings from Francesca’s are peak Y2K and feature an array of beads made from freshwater pearl and glass in addition to polymer clay.


Y2K Beaded Mismatched Earrings

One of my favorite parts of Y2K fashion is the excess — everything is extra and nothing has to match — which makes these mismatched earrings a perfect example of what’s so fun and freeing about this particular trend. Bead-embellished asymmetrical chains decorate one stud and one hoop earring for a playful, sunny vibe.

Normally, you need triple cherries for a win, but, in this case, a pair is just fine. These shiny cherry earrings from Ragstock are a callback to the sugary sweetness of Y2K vibes when everything was either strawberry-scented or cherry-flavored.


Throwback Chunky Sunglasses

One of the most iconic styles of yesteryear, the chunky rectangle pair of sunglasses is 100% pure Y2K. This pair comes in three pastel shades with contrasting lenses for a summery, floral-leaning, but not too flowery vibe.


Y2K Beaded Charm Bracelet Set

Why have one beaded bracelet when you can have six? This blended batch of bracelets from Wild Fable combines the very best of Y2K jewelry details: You’ve got daisies, colorful beads that evoke clay and glass, faux pearls, charms, and mixed metals. Worn all together they’re the infinity stone glove of Y2K fashion, encapsulating the entire trend on a single wrist.


Throwback Pink Platform Sandals

Toss on any teen movie from the early ‘00s and you’ll see the most popular girl in any given high school storming the halls in a pair of platform sandals. I was more of a skate shoe gal back in the day, but I am using the Y2K resurgence to get myself a pair of summer platforms like these soft slides from Lulu’s. They also happen to be a customer favorite. One reviewer shared, “So comfortable I wore them walking around NYC.” Another wrote, “These shoes fit amazing and are so comfortable! I have them in both black and pink.”

Daisies, the signature floral motif of the early aughts, collide with another trend from that same era, the oversized scrunchie, in this handmade hair accessory from Chelsea King. Made with certified organic cotton and natural rubber, this scrunchie serves as much Y2K coolness when worn on the wrist as it does when holding up your high pony or a pair of space buns.


Vintage-Inspired Mini Crochet Purse

A mini bag is already perfect for this throwback trend, but toss in the crocheted exterior and you’ve got yourself a retro win that you can tote around all summer.


Y2K Beaded Charm Necklace

The name of this necklace says it all. Well, technically the name of this necklace says “as if,” but seeing as that was the rallying cry of all the coolest kids back in the day, this is one piece of jewelry that automatically gets the Y2K stamp of approval.


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