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Marsha B LGBTQ+ Community

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The LGBTQ+ fashion and beauty influencer community have all the swag. They live their lives out loud, and it shows through their creative endeavors. From setting trends to putting sassy twists on existing trends, the LGBTQ+ community is at the forefront of the glam and fashion industry and will forever be.

Pride Month is in full swing, and we are right in the mix of it all. We enjoy seeing the celebrations and tributes to the community on our social media timelines, and to bring you into the mix, we decided to highlight some of our favorite LGBTQ+ influencers.

If you need a little style inspiration, a good makeup reel, or looking for some content to get your creative juices flowing, look no further than these 11 LGBTQ+ creatives who bring the flavor on social media.

1. Marsha B.

Get all of the positive energy and chic fashion inspiration from Marsha’s social media. HelloBeautiful’s senior editor will push you to feel good and dress stylishly at the same time!

2. Jenell

Become motivated to step into your authentic being with Jenell’s account. She celebrates femininity, the culture, and all things divine. She displays her love for those things through her writings, beautiful kimonos, and classic jewelry pieces. 

3. Marshay

Marshay has the scoop on all things beauty. Whether you’re looking for the perfect haircare system or want some tips on how to balance entrepreneurship while living your best life, this account is for you. 

4. Supe

The famous rap line by the Notorious BIG, ‘”to all my ladies in the place with style & grace,” perfectly describes Supe. Her fashion sense is on another level. She knows how to effortlessly rock the perfect suit with confidence, and she’s all about making stylish statements. 

5. C. Ross

Get your dose of lifestyle from C. Ross. Whether it’s fashion direction, a cute nail look, or a fitness tip, C. Ross is on it. She will definitely motivate you to live out loud and to knock out your goals…all while looking fabulous of course. 

6. Sesali

Need an account that tickles your soul? Sesali has you covered. If you want a good laugh or a confidence boost, this beauty is the one to check out. She’s an author and a mogul in the making, and she will convince anyone who follows her to glow up! 

7. Duchess

Duchess is a vibe when it comes to beauty. She knows no limits, and her creativity is out of this world! If you’re ever looking for makeup inspiration, then this is your girl. Her makeup looks are awesome!

8. Christina

If fly were a person, it would definitely be Christina. Her chill fashion looks speak volumes. Follow her for a cool vibe or if you need inspiration on how to style your favorite sneakers. You should probably check out her brand Claire Xpressions while searching for style inspo. Her “Fashioned by God” trucker hats are a summer must-have!

9. Tyra

Be inspired to create when visiting Tyra’s Instagram account. This beauty is an artist, and it shows through her handcrafted jewelry and her style. If you need a little push in the creative department or looking for motivation to fully embrace who you are, Tyra is your girl. 

10. Carol

You know we love us a good face beat, and Carol is a guru when it comes to makeup artistry. She owns her own product line, GlowByCarol, and rightfully so because this lovely lady exudes boss energy. Follow her if you’re in need fresh makeup tips or in search for inspiration to start your own product line. 

11. Elle

Elle is fashion, and her Instagram page is a magazine. If you are looking for all things beautiful, then this is your influencer. From glamorous looks to fun outings, Elle’s life is a piece of art. Follow her for all things style. 


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