10 Jewellery Gifting Ideas for Your Special Occasion

Jewellery gifting ideas for Christmas and other special occasions.

The right piece of jewellery can help all of us look and feel our best, but it’s also a great way to also show our loved ones how much we care when we choose pieces for them. Buying jewellery for a special someone in your life is a wonderful gesture, but you can take this gift to the next level by presenting it in a unique way.

Do you need some help figuring out how you can wow your loved one with jewellery? Keep reading to learn our top jewellery gifting ideas that will take people’s breath away.

1. Put the Jewellery on a Cute Soft Toy

Who can resist the urge to smile when they see an adorable, soft toy animal? You can never go wrong with classic teddy bears, but your gesture will be even more memorable if you can give your loved one their favourite kind of animal or another unique soft toy that they’ll love.

There are two different ways that you can present the jewellery with a stuffed animal. You can either dress the soft toy with jewellery like a necklace or simply place the jewellery gift box on their lap.

Take a look at the beautiful handmade and sustainable soft toys at Mann & Co as a great starting point. Toys like these will be just as treasured as the jewellery.

2. Leave It in a Surprising Place

There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a surprise that spices up your everyday routine.

For example, if you know that your partner needs to drink a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up, you can put the gift box inside their mug. This option works best for people who don’t go into autopilot during their routine. The last thing you’d want is for the jewellery to get soaked in hot coffee!

Other ideas for this option include putting a gift box somewhere noticeable in the fridge, in the bathroom by products they use daily, inside a desk drawer or with their car keys.

3. Hide the Jewellery Gift Box Inside a Boring Box

On a similar note, you can also add to the surprise of your loved one by hiding their jewellery gift inside a box for a more boring product.

You could use a box from something that might be the type of gift your loved one would be given but which is a bit on the boring side. Put the jewellery gift box inside this box. You could also weight the outer box with something to give it something like the original weight to add to the surprise.

Another idea is that if you and your loved one enjoy having cosy nights in with takeout, then you could place the jewellery box inside a takeout bag or container and tell them that you ordered their favourite dish.

4. Recruit the Perfect Delivery Person

As much as your loved one adores you, it can be hard to surprise them since they may expect a sweet gesture from you. This is why it’s a fun idea to get someone else to help you with the delivery.

If you have children, then they are some of the best delivery people. Another good option is tying the box to an obedient pet and telling them to go to the recipient.

Another idea is using a singing telegram (even if it’s a friend who sings well) to present the gift.

5. Pair Jewellery Gifts With Another Gift

If you have the funds to splurge on your loved one, then you can spoil them even more by getting them multiple gifts that are complimentary to the jewellery.

One simple idea is to find a gorgeous purse and stick the box inside of it for them to discover. Or perhaps pick up a beautiful scarf and use it to wrap the jewellery gift box. Simone’s most favourite scarf comes from the lovely Julie White.

Another romantic thing you can do is tell your partner that you want to take them out for a special dinner. While that part may not be surprising, you can astonish them by saying that you’ve already selected their outfit. You can leave the jewellery box next to a new outfit that you’re sure they’ll love. This move will take a lot of confidence and knowledge to get right, but we have faith in you!

6. Share a New Experience With Them

One of the nicest parts about sharing your life with someone is being able to experience new things together. Take some time to reflect on some different activities that your loved one has expressed an interest in and you can plan from there.

For example, if they’ve always wanted to go skydiving, then you can ask your loved one’s tandem partner for some help. After they land, they can pull the box out of a zippered pocket and tell them that they almost lost this during the jump.

7. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Christmas jewellery gift ideas

No matter how old we are, everyone will always be excited to go on a scavenger hunt. People who are creative can have a blast coming up with clues to guide their loved ones to the jewellery treasure.

The jewellery is the ultimate gift, but they’ll also appreciate all of the thought you put into creating an adventure for them with puzzles to solve along the way.

8. Serve It as Dessert

Many of us have seen romantic movies where one partner serves a ring or earrings in a glass of champagne. While this looks romantic in theory, the reality is that your partner could start drinking from the glass before they notice. Then they’ll have to fish out the jewellery and rinse it off so it’s not sticky anymore.

So it’s probably safer to keep the jewellery separate from actual food or drink, while still creatively linking them. For instance, during the meal you can serve the box or the jewellery on a plate with a lid that needs to be removed, for instance (you could even rope in a waiter to help with this at a restaurant).

9. Consider Your Jewellery Gifting Timing

Are you preparing to give an anniversary gift? If you’d like to add to the surprise, then you need to time your gift just right so they don’t suspect it.

If your routine is to exchange gifts at the end of the evening after you eat a nice meal, then you can switch things up by placing the jewellery box on a pillow for them to see as soon as they wake up.

10. Gifting Jewellery at Christmas

Do you want to give jewellery as Christmas gifts this year? Have a think about how you could incorporate the gift into your Christmas gift giving tradition.

Once idea is to make the gift a little more magical by presenting it in an ornament. Your loved one will enjoy hunting for the right ornament to find their unique gift. You can hold onto the ornament as a keepsake as well. Take a look at some inspiration to make your own Christmas ornaments to make them even more special.

Another idea is to simply decorate the tree with jewellery and have your loved one find the pieces. Or serve the jewellery gift box on a pretty plate with a mince pie for breakfast.

Looking for other Christmas gift ideas? Check out our Christmas Shopping Guide and our super special Christmas Pudding Silver Coins.

Make Any Special Occasion More Magical With These Gifting Ideas

Jewellery gifting doesn’t have to be challenging! If you use any of these ideas, you can make your loved one feel extra special and the occasion even more memorable.

Are you ready to start shopping for the perfect piece? Check out our incredible collection.

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