Take it to the Runway! Paris Fashion Week Men’s, Spring 2022/2023. Artistic, Unexpected, Revolutionary.


Appear on together, let us pay a visit to the most current menswear fashions of Dior, Hermès, Paul Smith, Comme des Garçons and so several a lot more of your favorites. Prepare to be surprised by the explosion of colour, spirit of exuberance and pure joie de vivre! Significantly of the apparel we saw was gender-neutral, so women, really feel free to indulge.

Paris 6-22 Mens Fashion Longer horizontal image.JPG

Paris men’s runway fashions operate the gamut from common to out-of-this-world.

Refreshingly colourful, fit dependent on a painting by Colm Dillane, Kidsuper. Mesh is here to continue to be by Wooyoungmi. Cowboy overalls off the variety and into the disco by Casablanca. Finely crafted asymmetrical fit jacket and shorts by Kim Jones for Dior Homme.

Paris 6-22, kidsuper-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway yellow blue (2) cropped.jpg

Painterly outcomes change this double breasted go well with by Kidsuper.

Paris 6-22, kidsuper-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway varsity jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Kidsuper. Graphic varsity jacket, shirt and denims.

Paris 6-22, kidsuper-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway pink purple (2) cropped.jpg

Mixing artwork and apparel. Kidsuper.

Paris 6-22, kidsuper-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway grn wht check (2) cropped.jpg

Kidsuper. Pure vibrancy.

Paris 6-22, kidsuper-spring-2023-menswear-credit- mint suit (2) cropped.jpg

Pale celadon suit pops with colour. Kidsuper, a New York model.

Paris 6-22, kidsuper-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway red wht check (2) cropped.jpg

A look at suit that bursts with energy. Appreciate the paintbrush bag! Kidsuper.

Paris 6-22, -wooyoungmi-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway blk wht (2) cropped.jpg

Relaxed, crisp, present day styling by Wooyoungmi.

Paris 6-22, wooyoungmi-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway, lavendar shorts (2) cropped.jpg

Wooyoungmi. Cropped leading and jacket with lavender shorts.

Paris 6-22, wooyoungmi-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway navy suit (2) cropped.jpg

Stylish, understated suiting. Wooyoungmi.

Paris, 6-22, wooyoungmi-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway bomber jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Wooyoungmi. Au revoir skinny jeans, slouchy, draping trousers are back.

paris 6-22, wooyoungmei, grey mesh top mens (2) cropped.jpg

Equipped gray mesh top with nonchalant, full slice denims. Wooyoungmi.

Paris 6-22, casablanca-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway pastel cowboy (2) cropped.jpg

Casablanca designer Charaf Tajer blends fantasy and enjoyment for his rodeo selection. Horse accessory optional.

Paris 6-22, casablanca-spring-2023-menswear-credit- red yellow cowboy (2) cropped.jpg

Two piece rodeo jogging go well with. Casablanca.

Paris 6-22, casablanca-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway lingerie matador (2) cropped.jpg

Newborn blue matador costume reinterpreted with a lingerie vibe. We hope he stays far absent from the bull. Casablanca.

Paris 6-22, casablanca-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway poncho (2) cropped.jpg

Gaucho length pants and amazing poncho. Casablanca.

Paris 6-22, casablanca-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway women chaps (2) cropped.jpg

Amazing women’s ensemble with vivid embroidered chaps and matador design and style jacket. Casablanca.

Paris 6-22, celine-spring-2023-menswear-credit-getty chaps  (2) cropped.jpg

Chaps are definitely up-trending. Hedi Slimane for Celine.

Paris 6-22, celine-spring-2023-menswear-credit-getty gold jkt   cropped.jpg

Skinny ties and boxy jackets. Retro New Wave for a new era. Celine.

Paris, 6-22, celine-spring-2023-menswear-credit-getty mesh top,  (2) cropped.jpg

The coolest New York punk band appears to be like of the late 70’s reintroduced by Hedi Slimane, Celine.

Paris, 6-22, celine-spring-2023-menswear-credit-getty anorak  (2) cropped.jpg

Fitted leathers worn with a amazing wave sample anorak. Celine.

Paris 6-22, thom-browne-spring-2023-menswear-credit-brand mens tiny skirt  (2) cropped.jpg

Exposed jockstrap underneath micro mini with tweed jacket. Thom Browne.

Paris 6-22, thom-browne-spring-2023-menswear-credit-brand jk strap showing   (2) cropped.jpg

Thom Browne’s vision for the modern day man.

Paris 6-22, thom-browne-spring-2023-menswear-credit-brand bikini top  (2) cropped.jpg

Bikini top, plaid jockstrap and tweed board trousers. Anchors aweigh! Thom Browne.

Paris 6-22, thom-browne-spring-2023-menswear-credit-brand mens mini  (2) cropped.jpg

Exquisitely crafted pinstripe mini dress with coordinated jacket. Outrageous, or just a further walk in the park?

Thom Browne. Observe the wild movie in this article.


Paris 6-22, comme-des-garcons-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway blk and wht (2) cropped.jpg

Daring graphics and ground breaking assemblages, Comme des Garçons by Rei Kawakubo.

Paris 6-22, comme-des-garcons-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway flair skirt (2) cropped.jpg

Hoop shirt by Comme des Garçons.

Paris 6-22, comme-des-garcons-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway pastel plaid suit (2) cropped.jpg

Patchwork plaid in assorted pastels. Comme des Garçons.

Paris 6-22, comme-des-garcons-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway check pants (2) cropped.jpg

Rei Kawakubo is the gifted avant-garde designer of Comme des Garçons.

Paris 6-22, hermes-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway yellow swtr (2) cropped.jpg

Obvious, shiny, sunny yellow was viewed on several Paris Menswear FW runways. This cozy sweater by Véronique Nichanian for Hermès.

Paris 6-22, hermes-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway turq (2) cropped.jpg

The Hermès runway display was a vivid supplying of juicy colors and vintage cuts. It was a beautiful rainbow spirited affair. Look at the movie below.

Paris 6-22, hermes-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway tan jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Should-have cropped jacket in a fantastic tawny taupe. Hermès.

Paris 6-22, hermes-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway red yellow (2) cropped.jpg

Raspberry sherbet plastic rain jacket. Hermès.

Paris 6-22, dior-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway plaid (2) cropped.jpg

Kim Jones, designer for Dior needs to know, “How does your backyard garden improve?”

Paris 6-22, dior-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway swtr duncan grant  (2) cropped.jpg

This sweater is a celebration of the artist Duncan Grant, of the absolutely free spirited Bloomsbury artists team formed in England in the to start with fifty percent of the 20th century. Dior.

Paris 6-22, dior-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway gold shirt (2) cropped.jpg

Golden stripes and double layer shorts. Dior.

Paris 6-22, dior-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway dark floral top (2) cropped.jpg

Gathered collar print shirt with pinstripe shorts. Dior.

Paris 6-22, dior-spring-2023-menswear-credit-gorunway blue suit (2) cropped.jpg

Meticulous tailoring. This ground breaking double breasted blazer reveals the depth of expertise of Kim Jones. Dior.

Watch the superb runway video here.

Paris 6-22 paul-smith-spring-2023-mens-credit-gorunway floral (2) cropped.jpg

The new appear in men’s suits by Paul Smith.

Paris 6-22, paul-smith-spring-2023-mens-credit-gorunway shorts suit (2) cropped.jpg

Spliced pin stripes. Long jacket with contrasting shorts develop the new silhouette. Paul Smith.

Paris 6-22 paul-smith-spring-2023-mens-credit-gorunway spray paint (2) cropped.jpg

Anything a man’s fit was not. Delicate and flowing material, subtle, spray painted shades and tones, an easy, calm type.

The new accommodate by Paul Smith.

Paris 6-22, paul-smith-spring-2023-mens-credit-gorunway spray paint suit (2) cropped.jpg

Paul Smith. Wearable, understated class for adult men.



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