The Ultimate Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds (With Insider Tips)

Getting a closer look at loose diamonds is necessary if you are buying one. Checking on several stores that see loose diamonds is fine since this is one way of getting information on who offers the best and who can give the best diamond. Making sure to deal with trusted loose diamonds dealers is relevant since diamonds are expensive. Here are some details about loose diamonds to make you decide why to choose them. 

Loose Diamonds Hold their value

Do loose diamonds hold their value? Yes since loose diamonds can be evaluated thoroughly their properties can be checked properly. With no metals covering a portion of the diamonds, the light performance can easily be determined. But if diamonds are mounted already then all corners of diamonds can not be checked. That’s why loose diamonds hold their value because they are evaluated as a whole and not what can be seen only. 

Loose Diamonds have Certificates too 

Do loose diamonds have certification? All diamonds whether mounted or loose have certificates. Before they can be sold they should be evaluated by legit laboratories like the gemological institute of America which is one of the most popular laboratories. Always put in mind that every time you buy diamonds they should come with certification. The certification contains the properties of the diamonds, by having one you can tell if your diamond is indeed what it’s worth.  

Opting for Loose Diamonds can Give you More options

When choosing from pre-set diamond jewelry, since they are already mounted you can not really choose your preference. While for loose diamonds you can choose other settings that you desire for your diamond and you can even customize it with the help of a good designer. This way you can maximize your diamond by opting to have it cut the way you want it to be. Most people want to customize their jewelry, loose diamonds can be perfect for customized jewelry since you can get the exact design you desire when buying pre-set jewelry. 

Better Clarity Grade 

Clarity is one of the most important Cs of diamonds. The number of inclusions on the diamonds can affect the durability of the ring. By getting loose diamonds you can check the overall clarity of the diamond. Since the diamond is bare then checking on every corner for inclusions is possible compared with mounted diamonds. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Loose Diamonds


Diamonds are priced per carat, which means to determine how many carats are you going to buy. By having a weight in mind you can easily choose when presented with options. Make sure to choose a cart weight that won’t compromise the quality of the diamond. 


When choosing a diamond shape make sure that you have it cut by a skilled diamond cutter so they can maximize your loose diamonds and have lesser waste. Determine your shape even before buying a loose diamond, if you will be using this for an engagement ring then have it cut in a shape your partner desires. 


Fluorescence can not be seen by the naked eye. When diamonds are exposed to UV light it can give a faint blue glow and this is referred to as fluorescence. This can give the diamond a hazy look so better have it checked before purchasing the loose diamond.  


Colorless diamonds can be the best choice since they are rare and expensive so opting for nearly colorless can be an ideal alternative. Since diamonds with a yellow tint can be attractive, sticking on the color grade range of Dto F can be a safer choice. Just make sure your diamond looks colorless to the naked eye. 


Getting a closer look at loose diamonds before buying them will be a wise move. Diamonds are pricey and preparation on buying them will be understandable, they are precious gems, and evaluating them even before the purchase is fine. Be a wise buyer by doing your own ways to know if the diamonds are good enough to buy. Loose diamonds can be a good choice for your engagement ring or other jewelry since you can be able to create a design that is close to your personality or your partner’s preference.